Letters: Rising toll is no surprise 

➤ “GG Bridge toll may reach $8 by 2018,” The City, Tuesday

Rising toll is no surprise

The Golden Gate Bridge toll to rise again? No shock here.

After the BART strike, many Bay Area residents comprehended fully that the taxpayers are once again being taken to the cleaners. Golden Gate Bridge tolls are not rising for the sake of bridge maintenance, but for a payoff to the extortionist unions.

When will it cease? When we eradicate the unions and privatize the transportation system. Until then, officials that should be representing the public will continue to abide by union demands, and the public be damned.

Tony Favero

Half Moon Bay

“Anti-gay views in Fire Department?,” The City, Sunday

SFFD discrimination is sad

I can’t even believe what happened with Keith Baraka here in San Francisco. And where? In the Fire Department, especially in the Castro. Right now, I think it could happen anywhere at any station in The City.

The question is: What about all the brave marching from the SFFD during every LGBT Pride Parade? They demonstrate such a big love for all gays, not only in San Francisco but around the world. Hypocrisy.

Georgy Prodorov

San Francisco

➤ “High and dry despite rain,” The City, Feb. 18

Develop water sources

The water-shortage blame game. Numerous letters and op-ed pieces have been written concerning this long-standing problem.

The city folks think the farmers are using too much water, which should be for them. The ecology minded are against dams. The anti-nuclear folks are against desalinization. The delta smelt lovers are against using existing water for agriculture. Our government bureaucrats believe low-flow toilets and shorter showers are the answer.

The federal government is promising money. I am not sure what for. Money can’t buy water. The only solution is developing water sources. There are three sources: building new dams, using Sacramento River water or desalinization.

The population of California grows at a rate of 4.4 million per decade. The problem is not going away.

Keith C. De Filippis

San Jose

“Bill may patch up Ellis loopholes,” The City, Monday

Marx-approved real estate

They’re at it again. State Sen. Mark Leno, Mayor Ed Lee and other San Francisco “progressives” who don’t believe in the right to own and control private property want to further penalize San Francisco housing providers, especially small-property owners who want to sell their buildings to retire. Somewhere down in hell, Karl Marx is looking up at San Francisco with an ear-to-ear smile on his face.

Howard Epstein

San Francisco

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