Letters: Regulate e-cigarettes 

➤ “E-cigarette rules proposed,” The City, Monday

Regulate e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are very much in need of more regulations, in order to minimize marketing and access to them by kids and to reduce exposure to their vapors for everybody.

The San Francisco Medical Society has had a policy supporting such regulations for years, and a growing number of other medical and health organizations — and cities — are agreeing that e-cigarettes can pose health risks. Contrary to heavy lobbying by e-cig and tobacco interests, the proposed San Francisco regulations pose no burden to those who might actually use e-cigs to help quit tobacco smoking, and we commend the San Francisco supervisors who are proposing stricter, healthier regulations.

Dr. Lawrence Cheung

President, San Francisco Medical Society

San Francisco

Fake smokes target kids

Supervisor Eric Mar’s proposed policy is a smart one that will help San Francisco catch up with hundreds of other places such as Boston, New York, Chicago and Seattle. The e-cigarette marketers have been working overtime, pushing fun flavors such as watermelon, cotton candy, bubble gum, fruit candy and strawberry on to our youths with alarming results. One recent study revealed that the number of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes doubled between 2011 and 2012.

Bob Gordon

San Francisco

➤ “Emails show shuttle ‘agreement’,” The City, Feb. 26

Second-class passenger?

Corporate shuttles are an insult to folks like me who are waiting for Muni. I’m horrified that these giant buses, designed to be used as interstate transportation, are now plying The City’s crowded streets. They are ugly and opulent, and they pollute. What gets my goat is being made to feel like a second-class citizen while I’m trying to do the right thing by using public transportation myself.

Charging these corporate giants $1 per stop per day is the worst insult to date. The corporate elite can afford to buy our fair city an entirely new subway system with stops right in front of their doors, but we’re too enamored by wealth to demand it.

We must ask those rich enough to afford giant buses that chauffeur their employees to pay for that privilege or we are sending a terrible message to our kids while we are writing our own epitaphs as residents of this fine city.

John Thomas Ellis


➤ “Shuttles tread on Muni’s turf,” The City, Sunday

Shuttles help environment

Hooray for Muni! (Boy do those words taste funny.)

By allowing private shuttles to share our transportation stops we improve The City for all. By using shuttles instead of driving, the air is cleaner, there is less traffic and more parking, while improving the commute for many residents and workers.

Rich Knittel

San Francisco

➤ Bonds springs back?

Giants’ spring training fail

Shame on the Giants for bringing in Barry Bonds as a hitting coach for spring training. Before even considering bringing Bonds back in any capacity, I would have expected the Giants to require him to confess to using steroids, like Mark McGwire did.

Ralph E. Stone

San Francisco

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