Letters: Recycling crime hurt efforts 

➤ “Support needed for The City’s recyclers,” Opinion, Monday

Recycling crime hurt efforts

Your opinion piece on recycling presents a parallel universe to the massive scavenging for recyclables organized and controlled by a local criminal syndicate. This operation puts trucks and vans on the streets and incentivize needy people with cash or drugs to aggressively savage apartment houses, restaurants and other large generators of trash and bring their bottles and cans to central points for pick up which are usually in the greater Civic Center area. The scavengers often steal the Recology bins to transport their collectibles to the trucks and then abandon them on the street.

Recology estimates that as much as $5 million in recyclable goods are diverted into this criminal operation every year. The Police Department and District Attorney have been aware of this activity but have been handicapped to do much because of the state recycling law.

The City needs a recycling system which allows customers to redeem their bottles and cans, but suppress the criminal recycling incentive and the aggressive scavenging which accompanies it.

James Haas

San Francisco

➤ “Tainted drinking water,” Opinion, Tuesday

Questioning water sources

San Francisco is noted for its pristine Hetch Hetchy water. But according to a letter writer to your paper it will soon not be so pristine.

Granted, he is correct, but does anyone question the source of bottled water? Some bottled water are admittedly filtered Municipal (Hetch Hetchy) water. Thus, we pay twice for our water and in plastic bottles that leach chemicals into the water. This is a dilemma, but Hetch Hetchy tested 300 times a day cannot be beat.

Denise D’Anne

San Francisco

➤ Lyme-disease prevention

Lyme disease in The City

Regarding the spread of infected ticks, it needs to also be mentioned we have infected ticks in California — in Northern California, ranging anywhere from a couple percent infected ticks in S.F. (up to 10 known Lyme disease and co-infections acquired from infected ticks) to 40% infected ticks in Mendocino hotspots.

Thus everyone needs to learn how to protect themselves and pets — using tick repellent and checking for ticks is a good start. Learn more about protection and what to do if you are bitten at www.lymedisease.org and www.lymenet.org.

Robin Krop

Lyme educator, SF SEAL

San Francisco

➤ California’s Paid Family Leave

Families deserve paid leave

This week marks the 10th anniversary of California’s Paid Family Leave program, which for a decade has been helping small employers foster a happier workforce while protecting their bottom line. Unfortunately, many employers aren’t utilizing the benefits of the program because they simply don’t know it exists. This needs to change.

Small business owners know how important family leave is to their workers and businesses, so it’s not surprising Small Business Majority’s opinion polling found a majority of owners have either a formal or informal family leave policy in place. But employers could be benefitting from these policies further if they knew more about using the state’s program.

David Chase

California Director, Small Business Majority


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