Letters: Quit bumming us out, Glenn 

➤ “Late-game magic could finally run out for 49ers against Carolina,” Sports, Tuesday

Quit bumming us out, Glenn

Come on, Glenn Dickey, have some faith!

You sound like the depressed drunk guy at the bar that got dumped by his girl a while back and can’t see the point in living anymore.

Nobody is going to want to hang around with you if you are like that. Three more last-gasp finishes and we win it all. Why not? It’s not like they are trying to build the pyramids or put a man on the moon. A fumble, an interception and a missed field goal! Happens all the time.

Have a little faith.

Eamonn Conlin

Deventer, Netherlands

➤ “Is rent control hurting San Francisco’s middle class?” The City, Sunday

Free market bad for rents

I read Joel Engardio’s solution to the housing crisis and it made me question how serious The San Francisco Examiner is about looking at this problem.

His solution is to let the market dictate rents and hey, if you can’t afford it, you can always apply for a rent subsidy from The City. Frankly, I don’t want Mayor Ed Lee deciding whether I am poor or rich enough to live in San Francisco.

People with jobs don’t want to apply for vouchers just to pay their rent. Engardio writes like he actually understands economics, and that is a dangerous thing. President Ronald Reagan thought trickle-down economics was going to cure all. It worked so well that we now have the largest economic gap in U.S. history. Engardio’s thinking is from the same school of thought.

Paul Nisbett

San Francisco

Tenants need protections

With all the talk about San Francisco residents being forced to move due to rent increases, I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone suggest expanding rent control.

As it stands now, if you live in an apartment built after 1978, or a single-family home, you are not protected by rent control. Expanding rent control to cover long-term inhabitants of these properties would offer immediate protection from rent spikes, especially if it applies retroactively. Waiting for new housing to be built is not an immediate solution, and those units will not be rent-controlled as it stands.

Our elected officials need to protect longtime residents and small businesses, not just pander to developers’ interests.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

➤ “GGNRA seeks to delay decision on disputed Presidio project,” The City, Dec. 17

Lucas museum a good fit

According to Yoda, fear of loss is the path to the Dark Side. The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum is the best proposal for the old Sports Basement site at the former Crissy Field, if only the critics would use the Force of reason.

The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum is a one-piece solution to a one-piece Presidio puzzle. It would be entirely self-funded, a magnificent building in the style of the Palace of Fine Arts, and a forward-looking institution that would serve as a testament to the love affair between the camera, film and The City. How can that combination go wrong? San Francisco is the poster child for spectacular visual effects.

What better way to enshrine the aviation history and technological prowess of San Francisco’s Crissy Field than by its current embodiment in the futuristic aviation works and films of George Lucas?

Paul Page

San Francisco

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