Letters: Prop B is good for SF 

➤ “Voters will weigh in on waterfront,” The City, Wednesday

Proposition B good for city

In its report on Proposition B’s convincing victory at the polls, The San Francisco Examiner quotes an opponent of the proposition as saying, “What Prop. B is gonna give us is more politics, not less. It’s gonna create more leverage for a handful of people to dictate outcomes.”

Presumably, “more politics” was a reference to that messy process more generally known as democracy. How unfortunate that voters seem to prefer it.

A clear majority of San Franciscans have used the ballot box to say that they value their city in ways that can’t be calculated by a computer spreadsheet program. The success of Prop. B isn’t a failure of democracy, it’s a textbook example of it.

Riley B. VanDyke

San Francisco

➤ “State may limit S.F. water rights,” The City, May 29

Palo Alto conserving water

Your article contains a misleading statement about individual Bay Area water agencies’ response to drought conditions and impact to regional water supplies.

The following excerpt from the article: “The SFPUC’s wholesale customers — including the cities of San Jose and Palo Alto — have largely continued to use water as normal, according to records, cutting use by 10 percent in only five weeks over the past six months,” leads the reader to erroneously conclude that the Palo Alto community has not made any notable efforts to reduce water use.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s drought declaration and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s call for a voluntary 10 percent usage reduction among its wholesale water customers have been in effect for four months.

During this time, Palo Alto has reduced its water use on a consistent basis by well over 10 percent, with both commercial and residential customers voluntarily reducing water use in response to requests to do so, and with many customers taking advantage of additional incentive programs offered to install water-efficient solutions.

We applaud Palo Altans for responding to the call for conservation and encourage all to continue their water efficiency efforts and help further stretch our water supplies.

Catherine Elvert

Communications manager

City of Palo Alto utilities

➤ “Officials may seek damages in Muni sickout,” The City, Wednesday

Punish workers in sickout

I support Mayor Ed Lee about issuing punishment for Muni workers who participated in the sickout. What the operators did should be illegal. How many passengers are suffering from this big mess because of their prank?

Of course they are not sick, they just want a higher salary, even though they are the second-highest-paid in the country. The point is: There will never be enough money for greedy people.

Georgy Prodorov

San Francisco

➤ “Brown advances, but GOP in tight race for second place,” News, Wednesday

Kashkari is right choice

Vote for GOP moderate gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari if you want to kill California’s budget-busting, union-backed high-speed rail boondoggle.

Independent Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny ruled that the high-speed rail project is illegal, yet Gov. Jerry Brown and his union buddies continue to push forward. Tell the politicians-unions enough is enough: Vote in Kashkari.

Mike Brown


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