Letters: Prop. A needs rewrite 

"Passing Prop. B would be a blunder for S.F.," Opinion, Thursday

Prop. A needs rewrite

In Randy Shaw's op-ed about Proposition B in San Francisco, he wrote, "Voters know how Prop. A funds will be spent." I'd like to correct Shaw's statement because I believe it is false.

Proposition A asks San Franciscans to invest $500 million without disclosing the allocations among seven potential uses. All possible uses listed in the ordinance start with the words, "A portion of the bond may be allocated to ..."

For comparison, the 2012 parks bond specified the allocations of the $195 million, such as $98.8 million to be spent on neighborhood park improvements. It even specified which parks would benefit. With a much higher investment request of voters, shouldn't we get some general allocation amounts among the seven possible uses of the Prop. A funds?

With this poorly written Prop. A, the full $500 million (minus funds needed for the audits and oversight) may be used for connecting Caltrain to the Transbay Transit Center. We're asked to hand over $500 million and hope some of those funds end up in transportation infrastructure investments that help our neighborhoods.

I suggest we vote no on Prop. A in November, and ask The City to come back to voters in November 2015 with a better-written bond ordinance that gives us specific allocations.

Jamie Whitaker

Candidate for District 6 supervisor

San Francisco

Prop. A will siphon money

Sounding like a missive from Mayor Ed Lee and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the twofer (sanctifying Proposition A and demonizing Proposition B) actually has it reversed. Prop. A is the devil. Prop. A states that money will be spent willy-nilly: "Projects to be funded under the proposed Bond may include but are not limited to the following," instead of "shall include" like usual contract language.

The City's Ballot Simplification Committee acknowledges this legal failure, noting, "The City could use the funds for the following purposes"--rather than the usual "shall use."

Prop. A is the cynical attempt to plunder $1 billion ($500 million in bonds and $500 million in interest) by increasing property taxes and rents (50 percent pass-through). Never sign a blank check. If you think Prop. A is anointed with holy water, I've got a cathedral to sell you.

Howard Wong

San Francisco

"Extension for Healthy SF is likely," The City, Sept. 8

Healthy SF helps many

Thank you for your article about retaining Healthy San Francisco and expanding it to cover city residents over age 65. The San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium, a partnership of nonprofit health centers, strongly supports this proposal.

Using the innovative access program Healthy Families, many uninsured San Franciscans were able to reap the benefits of a medical home, where health care could be coordinated and tailored to each patient's needs. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, many former Healthy Families participants are now eligible for Medi-Cal or Covered California.

For those who remain ineligible for employer-sponsored insurance, Medicare, Medi-Cal or Covered California, it makes sense we keep serving them through this successful program.

Deena Lahn

Vice president of policy and advocacy

San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium

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