Letters: Police deserve better 

➤ “Police shooting stokes unease,” The City, Friday

Police deserve better

Supervisor David Campos should be ashamed of himself for his publicity-seeking cheap shot against the Police Department.

The appropriate thing to do would be to wait for the investigation to conclude with all the facts in before commenting.

But no, Campos decided to act a judge, jury and executioner before the investigation was concluded.

This is the same David Campos who had no comment when a San Francisco police officer was wounded in the line of duty last month in the Mission.

And this is the same David Campos who authored legislation to roll out the welcome mat for illegal immigrant felons, potentially making a worse crime problem for the Police Department to deal with.

Now this guy wants to be elected to the Legislature?

The voters should say no.

E.F. Sullivan

San Francisco

➤ “Feds indict PG&E in fatal ’10 blast,” Peninsula, Wednesday

Put PG&E executives in jail

In your article on the recent criminal charges being filed against PG&E, it states that if found guilty of the charges, PG&E may be fined for its violations. This is a joke. Fining a utility company for criminal acts has little deterrent effect because the bad actors are people, including executives, who will not be required to pay the fines.

In 1996, PG&E paid $333 million in damages in the famous Erin Brockovich case. Despite this payment, the people of Hinkley recently had to file a new lawsuit concerning their contaminated water.

In civil matters, such as the Citizens United case, corporations argue that they should be considered people. For true deterrent purposes, they also should be considered people in criminal law. In other words, the utility’s miscreants should go to jail, just like you or I would if we committed gross negligence causing the deaths of eight people.

John M. Kelly

San Francisco

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