Letters: Placards meant for disabled people misused 

➤ Parking fraud

Placards meant for disabled people misused

The City’s revenues would increase yearly by $7 million if the mayor and supervisors would finally take notice of all the disabled-accessible parking placards fraudulently in use in The City. It was an epidemic five years ago and has grown since then. Virtually nothing of scale is being done to eliminate any of the placard fraud.

Try to park at a government building and you contend with all the placard parkers who take up spaces all day. Either it’s wholesale fraud or it’s very dangerous to work for government agencies.

The mayor and supervisors have ignored this massive placard fraud while worrying about their next trip somewhere. But getting city officials to rein in their own employee placard abuses is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

R.E. O’Leary

San Francisco

➤ Earth Day

Catering to city’s drivers hurts environment

A recent United Nations report on global warming gives us a 10-year window to thwart its tide. Meanwhile in our far-from-transit-first city, civic leaders and a vocal minority cling to their steering wheels and continue to demand free and plentiful parking, as if it’s still 1955.

We worry about soda taxes and Happy Meals and we ignore the elephant in the room. Earth Day is approaching: Get your green smiles ready.

Sprague Terplan

San Francisco

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