Letters: No easy answers in Gaza 

"Call for cease-fire in Gaza," Opinion, From Readers, Tuesday

No easy answers in Gaza

This is in response to two letter writers to The San Francisco Examiner. The U.S. has already tried to get a cease-fire, and Israel has agreed, providing it can continue to dismantle the vast network of long and deep tunnels Hamas constructed, which end under the border and under Israel land.

Hamas built these tunnels to move terrorists into Israel, instead of constructing shelters, schools, medical facilities, and residences, which would have helped the Palestinian people.

It is the fault of Hamas that there are no shelters for people in Gaza.

Also, 20 percent of the citizens of Israel are Arabs, so the land is already shared. In the West Bank the Palestinians have local control of their population centers. The unity government with Hamas, the firing of rockets into Israel and other terrorism by Hamas, the West Bank Palestinian support of Hamas in the present war, all make a two state solution impossible for Israel.

Norman G. Licht

San Carlos

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