Letters: No changes at library 

“Stricter library penalties proposed,” The City, Friday

No changes at library

It’s a shame that our landmark Main Library has become a homeless shelter, and I feel sorry for the librarians who have to deal with this situation.

I was encouraged to see Friday’s headline stating that things were going to change, no doubt spurred by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s complaint. Unfortunately, when I read the article, I realized that nothing would change.

Our elected officials and their appointees do not have the will or determination to solve the problem. It was also disgusting to see the homeless advocate groups defending the bad behavior.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

“Chiu proposal would regulate Airbnb, others,” The City, Wednesday

Short-term rental problem

How many San Francisco residents who rent, even affluent residents, can afford to pay on the order of $250 a day (roughly $7,500 per month) for their apartments?

That $250 per day is the average cost of a single night’s stay in a San Francisco hotel. Airbnb would be perfectly happy to see that also become the average cost of an overnight stay in a San Francisco apartment.

If one’s sole measure of social worth is economic, then any city’s residents will be worth much less than a city’s tourists. When permanent residents are thought to be in the way of tourism, something’s gone seriously wrong.

Riley B. VanDyke

San Francisco

“Jaywalking ticket rescinded,” The City, Thursday

Punish infractions fairly

In your article, Walk San Francisco Executive Director Nicole Schneider was quoted as saying, “You don’t give people a citation for harming themselves, you give them a penalty for injuring someone else.” So, no blood, no foul, right?

Accept that illogic and you have to agree drivers shouldn’t be cited for infractions unless someone gets hurt. Of course that is ridiculous.

People who get caught breaking the rules should get punished.

Barrett Giorgis

San Francisco

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