Letters: Moratorium idea misplaced 

➤ “Moratorium on Broadway bars proposed,” The City, Feb. 18

Moratorium idea misplaced

My initial thought after reading your article was why North Beach? With safety being the reasoning behind a moratorium on liquor stores, I cannot understand how North Beach was on the top of the list out of all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

Although Broadway does have excessive amounts of strip clubs and bars, the overall safety of the neighborhood is much better than that of the Tenderloin or Bayview. If a moratorium should be enacted in any neighborhood, it should be one in which crime rates, homelessness and alcohol consumption are alarmingly high, such as the two mentioned.

North Beach may benefit from prohibiting more liquor stores, but so would many other neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Neighborhoods such as the Bayview not only have excessive amounts of liquor stores but also have no other options for places to buy food. If a moratorium were placed on liquor stores (and perhaps even fast food) it might promote the creation of healthier businesses such as grocery stores or produce markets, which would benefit the community greatly. North Beach is not lacking in those types of establishments and a moratorium on liquor stores will not improve that neighborhood substantially.

Jessica LaChance

San Francisco

➤ “Polk revisions anger bicyclists,” The City, Friday

Stand up to bicyclists

It was such a pleasant surprise to hear that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency finally stood up to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition over proposed changes to Polk Street.

The cyclistas have definitely been dealt a reality check, but this reader doesn’t think that it will deter them in their single-minded drive to control The City’s streets.

Nevertheless, it was a great place to start, so keep up the good work listening to the other voices in this ongoing drama.

Gordon Robertson

San Bruno

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