Letters: Make like a tree and plant 

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  • A cash-strapped city foisted responsibility for the care of thousands of trees on property owners, but a new plan could reverse that.
➤ “S.F. eager to reclaim street trees,” The City, Tuesday

Make like a tree and plant

I just came back from a trip to Santa Monica, where trees are that city’s pride and joy. It was clear to me that they’ve been at it a while, but they are continuing to service existing trees and plant new ones whenever needed. It’s a crying shame that such a conservative community is so far ahead of us when it comes to anything green.

Planting trees makes a lot of sense, but it may rile up business owners who love their signs. We shouldn’t let that stop us from planting the best carbon fighters in our ecological toolbox.

Funding may become a problem. Maybe we should name each of them after Larry Ellison if he promises to pay us back for his little boat race.

John Thomas Ellis


➤ “Niners’ late-game magic could run out in Carolina,” Sports, Jan. 7

Dickey gets it wrong again

I like to read Glenn Dickey’s sports viewpoints for two reasons: 1) With his long history in the Bay Area, he provides firsthand comparisons between teams and players of different eras, and 2) His fearless (and often wrong) prognostications, especially of the demise of local teams and players.

In regards to these prognostications, Dickey’s fearlessness seems dependent on his amnesia. Last year, he opined that Colin Kaepernick would not be able to handle the “mental pressure” presented during this season. Now that Kaepernick has again led the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game, Dickey is silent.

Last week, Dickey predicted the Carolina Panthers would defeat the 49ers, but this week, he offers no reflection on this obvious misjudgment.

Thank goodness Dickey didn’t actually predict a 49ers victory.

John M. Kelly

San Francisco

➤ “Supervisor’s resolution rebukes anti-abortion ads,” The City, Wednesday

We should tolerate all views

I find Supervisor David Campos’ efforts to remove the anti-abortion ads from Market Street a perfect, almost textbook example of liberal hypocrisy. The left loves to preach the virtues of tolerance and free speech until you hang a banner with a political message that they don’t approve of. Then they want to ban it and censor you.

The First Amendment was designed to protect all points of view, not just the views that Campos and the left approve of.

You would think a guy who went to law school would understand that concept. But like many on the left, to Campos, ideology trumps everything else.

E.F. Sullivan

San Francisco

➤ “City seeks crackdown on bad library users,” The City, Friday

Follow Law Library example

Mayor Ed Lee’s zero-tolerance policy toward bad users of the Main Library is commendable because these bad users have plagued the patrons and staff of the library for many years.

The San Francisco Law Library is near the Main Library. I have been to the Law Library for homework purposes several times. Both are in the Tenderloin and observe public-access policy, but the Law Library is generally clean and free of the problems we see at the Main Library. If the Law Library can have such a quiet and friendly environment, the Main Library can have it, too.

In the months to come, I hope the Main Library will become a real family and education zone.

Ka Chio

San Francisco

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