Letters: Keep ex-homeless housed 

➤ “Keeping ex-homeless off streets,” The City, Thursday

Keep ex-homeless housed

On Wednesday, The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the possible expansion of the free rides on Muni for 17,000 youths, to cost some $4 million annually.

On Thursday, you told us about potential evictions of some of the ex-homeless in 2,000 units of public housing and 4,000 units of nonprofit housing.

Even if only 5 percent stand to get evicted and sent back to the streets, as homeless czar Bevan Dufty says, that’s still 300 souls. Wouldn’t it be better to take that $4 million that would be spent on free passes for youths — who might well be able to pay a daily $3.50 round-trip bus fare — for social services to avoid evictions for those 300?

Ann Grogan

San Francisco

➤ “New look at congestion pricing,” The City, Wednesday

Don’t charge drivers

There is too much traffic downtown, but charging drivers to go there is not the solution. Providing satellite parking is. There used to be plenty of parking lots south of Market Street, and now most of those are gone.

I have recommended to the Planning Commission and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency that The City build a large parking structure in Mission Bay. Visitors from the Bay Bridge and southern freeways could park immediately upon entering The City and take public transportation, bike or walk to downtown. It would also serve the ballpark and Caltrain. It would allow those who prefer not to drive in The City an option, and keep confused drivers off our streets.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

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