Letters: Hold bicyclists accountable 

“City doubling down on bike safety,” The City, Monday

Hold bicyclists accountable

So, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is going to spend $55 million to improve bike safety for scofflaw cyclists who ignore red lights and stop signs, and in two instances got away with murder, and cycling advocates still want more.

As a motorist, I have to pay licensing and registration fees, vehicle taxes, fuel taxes and ever-increasing parking fees and fines. I’m paying big bucks for bike projects like all that green paint while still bumping over potholes that I thought I was paying to have fixed.

It is way past time that cyclists are required to pass a DMV cyclist exam, pay bicycle license and registration fees and be held accountable for following the same rules of the road that apply to motorists.

Lee Goodin

San Francisco

Money meant for potholes

I’m an advocate of bike lanes, but I believe it is disingenuous of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to use Proposition K funds, which were approved by voters for filling potholes, to finance these bike lanes. The City has a transit-first policy, and bikes are not transit: they are more private than cars.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

Facts on Masonic redesign

Thank you for your balanced review of The City’s plans to improve bicycle safety in San Francisco.

However, you are mistaken to list the Masonic Avenue redesign as a “bike project.” The redesign of these eight blocks has never been a bike project.

Masonic Avenue is first and foremost a safety project for users of the road. I have lived one block from Masonic for 18 years, and no one I know wants to use the street — it’s dangerous to cross, dangerous to bike and dangerous to drive. For all the mitigating measures The City has installed, it remains a speedway because that is how it was designed.

Michael Helquist

San Francisco

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