Letters: Higher wages, fewer jobs 

➤ “Minimum-wage increase is no silver bullet,” Opinion, Thursday

Higher wages, fewer jobs

Has anyone noticed that the same people who are for raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour are the same people complaining about jobs going overseas?

Every piece of clothing on my body is made in a Pacific Rim country. My car was made in Japan. My cellphone was made in South Korea. My watch was made in China. My Levi’s were made in Mexico.

It seems to me there might be a connection. Just a thought.

Keith C. De Filippis

San Jose

Think about older workers

A minimum-wage increase has many bedfellows, each increasing price inflation and reducing the purchasing power of our money. Take for example the yearly cost-of-living increase of Social Security, your retirement pension, your union contract wages, the annual price of almost everything.

Think of a retired person who has been edged out of the workforce due to age and skills that are no longer providing a living wage, but is still supporting a family: Is that person less deserving of a wage increase than a young, unskilled person who has few or any marketable skills in the workforce? How about the volunteer?

Frank Norton

San Francisco

➤ “S.F. eyes new rules for rideshares,” The City, Friday

Bad service doomed cabs

I agree that the transportation network companies should have adequate insurance and safe drivers.

I think the policy that says the companies aren’t responsible for accidents if the car is between passengers is, frankly, nonsense. Cab companies are responsible for cabs without passengers and so should the ride service companies. But that’s it. Supervisor John Avalos’ statement, “We cannot let [the taxicab] industry fail,” is very poor public policy.

It is not the purview of the Board of Supervisors to pick private-sector winners and losers. Regulating pricing and the number of cars in service is anti-competitive and will result in the poor service San Francisco cab companies are famous for.

The cab companies have only themselves to blame for not adopting 21st-century technology and management techniques.

Howard Epstein

San Francisco

➤ “Actor skipped Oscars to hang with Batkid,” Scoop!, Friday

Actor acted like a hero

It was quite touching to read that actor Andrew Garfield skipped the Academy Awards and spent the time with our beloved Batkid, aka Miles Scott, who was left off the program. It is good to know there are real superheroes out there. Garfield deserves an Oscar for his selfless performance in a starring role.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

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