Letters: Hidden pitfalls to Prop. B 

"Vote yes on Prop. B: Citizens deserve chance to be heard," Editorial, Thursday

Hidden pitfalls to Prop. B

Nicely said. The San Francisco Examiner last week endorsed Proposition B without addressing either the probable loss of the Port of San Francisco's $1.6 billion plan to restore itself nor the potential for developers to skip environmental impact reports if Prop. B passes.

Mike Zonta

San Francisco

"Schools overhauling safety policies," Peninsula, Friday

Bullying is our real priority

The efforts to prevent serial school shootings is commendable.

But daily terrorism consists of bullying, which contributes to nonattendance at schools. At least 100,000 students are absent on a daily basis throughout the nation due to bullying.

This also contributes to the serial school shootings, where mentally tormented individuals are pushed over the edge and plan acts that take the lives of students and faculty.

This must also be addressed because students are subjected to daily fear, which impairs academic performance and, more significantly, peace of mind.

Herbert J. Weiner

San Francisco

Obama visits Bay Area

Wal-Mart visit a misstep

Wal-Mart is one of only a few major retailers that have refused to sign on to new safety standards that came out after a garment factory collapsed last year in Bangladesh, killing 1,129 people.

Despite a spotty record on labor issues, President Barack Obama's visit Friday to the Wal-Mart in Mountain View was the first by a sitting president to a Wal-Mart store -- the world's largest retailer. It raised the ire of some labor advocates who have long criticized the retailer for low wages and importing goods from China rather than buying from U.S. manufacturers.

They protested alongside environmentalists demanding a halt to the Keystone XL pipeline on a street outside the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on Thursday.

Ted Rudow III

Palo Alto

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