Letters: Hamas is enemy, not Israel 

"Israel protesters take to S.F. streets" The City, Monday

Hamas is enemy, not Israel

It's no surprise that San Francisco would have a demonstration condemning Israel's right to protect its citizens and ignoring the catastrophic years of Hamas rule in Gaza.

Picture rockets being launched at San Diego from Tijuana. How long would it take for the United States to respond and with what force? Then, listen to the cries of war crimes for doing this, then imagine demonstrations excusing those firing the rockets into the USA because they are the victims of U.S. imperialism. This hasn't happened, but the protests against Israel are based on the same absurdities.

Hamas has ruled Gaza for seven years. Israel has been gone for nine. Millions of dollars were given to the Gazan leaders to build housing and schools. Instead, they built tunnels to attack Israel and factories for rockets.

Gil Stein


"As drought lingers, city girds itself," The City, Sunday

Tourists are water wasters

Nobody seems to realize that inconsiderate tourists are wasting millions of gallons every day. All those half-hour showers and hotel laundry add up!

Excessive water use by tourists should be regulated. Hotel courtesy cards regarding water use have limited effect when room charges average $200 per night.

Clay Couri

San Francisco

"$15 minimum wage popular," The City, Friday

Wage hike benefits unclear

What is the factual basis by which you are claiming, "support is widening across San Francisco." It read more like you are cheerleading for the measure. Also, please explain how making it more costly for residents to eat out, buy groceries, get their car washed, etc. makes San Francisco more affordable or helps to solve the affordability crisis?

Christopher Keane

San Francisco

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