Letters: Halt free ads for cabbies 

"Cabbies do it better, new ad says," The City, Wednesday

Halt free ads for cabbies

It is not the role of San Francisco government to promote cabs and discourage use of rideshare companies that have recently been bureaucratically renamed transportation network companies.

Advertisements for cabs "... are running on city buses without a fee through an informal agreement with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency."

What next? Will City Hall bureaucrats use Muni buses to promote their favorite grocery or hardware stores, restaurants, insurance agencies, Realtors, etc.?

There should be a taxpayer lawsuit to stop this egregious use of public funds.

Mayor Ed Lee should immediately fire the management at the SFMTA.

If Flywheel and/or the cab companies want to advertise on Muni buses, they should pay like everybody else.

Howard Epstein

San Francisco

"Are you ready for a disaster? Start with a plan," Opinion, Friday

S.F. not ready for disasters

Is San Francisco ready for disaster ... what is its plan?

With public transportation that does not work well in normal times; streets that are crowded, worn and pot-holed; cross-city schools that are no longer exclusively for the neighborhoods, city government-employed workers who commute into and out of San Francisco each day; and a water system that is mainly old and inclined to failure, with the exception of the recent upgraded underground street reservoirs, The City's readiness may depend mainly on the readiness of its residents.

When I think of government-published safety plans, I first think of schoolchildren ducking under their tables during an atomic attack drill, and the Democratic response to the prior Walter Mondale presidential campaign where a little girl is picking the petals off a daisy while counting down from 10 to one.

Frank Norton

San Francisco

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