Letters: Groundwater blend is fine 

"Tainted drinking water," Opinion, From Readers, July 1

Groundwater blend is fine

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a forward-thinking agency ready to implement critical projects to diversify our water supply when we need them most.

The severity of the current drought is a stark reminder of why we have been strengthening our water supply through conservation, groundwater and recycled water. We need to rally around these projects that will keep our water flowing.

The SFPUC has spent more than a decade of study and a full environmental review in assessing the quality and viability of our groundwater supply. Our process has been fully transparent and we have continuously engaged and informed the public.

When groundwater is blended into our water supply, we will continue to meet all federal and state water quality standards. The new blend will be virtually indistinguishable from the high quality Hetch Hetchy tap water we currently enjoy.

We have an obligation to our constituents to ensure that we are doing everything we can to strengthen our supply for today, and for generations to come.

Greg Bartow

Groundwater program manager

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

"Names divulged in officer shootings," The City, June 27

Police shootings follow-up

I applaud The San Francisco Examiner for making the public-records request and obtaining the names of police officers involved in shootings in The City.

Now with that treasure trove, there is some important investigative work that lies ahead for you.

An interesting and necessary thing to find out is how war veterans relate to these statistics. You need to find out which of these officers were veterans of our wars and how that contrasts with the nonveteran makeup of the police force both in aggregate and (mostly) by year. Then you need to compare these statistics and see if there are any obvious trends suggested and if further investigation is needed.

Michael Woody


"Monkey Parking says it will keep operating despite legal order," The City, June 27

Monkey on The City's back

It should be relatively easy to convince The City that Monkey Parking is legal. First, it should get in contact with Ron Conway, the billionaire backer of Airbnb, which I think is illegal but is allowed to flourish.

If Conway invests in Monkey Parking, everything will be swell with Mayor Ed Lee and the Board of Supervisors President David Chiu. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will have to back down, and will let you sell parking spots, whoops, I mean, let you sell information about soon to be vacated parking spots. Supervisor Scott Wiener will laud and praise your app as good for the environment and will make sure no CEQA review will be necessary.

Poor and working-class people without smartphones will have to circle around city blocks countless times in gas-guzzling cars for nonexistent parking spots, while techies with cash to throw away will snap up available parking spaces quickly for $20 a pop.

San Francisco loves tech workers and disrupters like Monkey Parking. Our city also loves persecuting the poor while we give huge tax breaks to those who have billions of dollars. Just get Ron Conway and sf.citi on your side, and you will be fine.

Jonathan Bonato

San Francisco

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