Letters from our Readers:Case hasn’t been made? Take a walk in the Haight 

After the predictably voted down sit/lie ordinance by the eight out-of-touch members of the Board of Supervisors, we had yet another memorable quote from Supervisor David Campos: “The case for this legislation simply has not been made.”

I strongly urge Campos to join Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and the others who voted against sit/lie to take a leisurely stroll through Haight/Ashbury. Then they should ride Muni to Sutter and Powell streets and amble on down to Market Street. Hang out at the cable car turn-around for a while and then make their way up Market to Van Ness Avenue.

I invite them to then take the F-line streetcar out to Fisherman’s Wharf and North Beach, especially Washington Square Park. If, after this tour of “hot spots” of The City, Campos still thinks “the case has not been made” for not only sit/lie but also for adoption of Laura’s Law, he and his comrades need seeing-eye dogs.

Lee Goodin, San Francisco

Laid off, but still well off

So the government is giving $19 million of our taxes to the NUMMI workers who were laid off, despite the fact that they received generous severance packages and are eligible for maximum unemployment including retraining. But what about the poor souls who suddenly found themselves out of work when the small company where they worked shut down and bounced their last paychecks? There are thousands and thousands, left stranded when companies go under. I guess they don’t belong to powerful unions that donate money to our politicians.

Tim Donnelly, San Francisco

Drugs won’t solve problem

The experiment of having a “homeless ghetto” complete with “entitlements” in the Tenderloin has not worked. But I’m against forced drugging. It is no substitute for re-examining failed social programs. People who are classified “homeless” get away with almost anything and are already “over-drugged.” Pharmaceuticals will not solve the problem.

Rather, homeless individuals who commit crimes need to be held accountable for their behavior, even if it includes jail. Assault, battery and theft are all crimes, regardless of whether offenders have a residence or not. The solution is simple, but too many politicians are codependents and enablers.

Denise Jameson, San Francisco

Niners a waste of SF funds

Playing football for the University of San Francisco in 1972, we shared Kezar Stadium with the 49ers. That was a great stadium except for the cobblestone locker-room tunnels. The City shouldn’t spend another dime on that football team run by Easterners. Mother York doesn’t even like her Niners — she roots for the Chicago Bears.

It’s one thing if the team were run halfway decently, but the team management have been miserable stewards and they draft like idiots. Niner faithful should boycott the games, radio/TV broadcasts and the state of Ohio in general. Let the team move to Santa Clara where they should be named the Santa Clara Buckeyes.

Frankly, I’m tired of the Yorks and the NFL telling San Franciscans what we should do. And the NFL had no business dangling the Super Bowl carrot in Santa Clara before the California elections.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

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