Letters from our Readers: Where’s the coverage of horrific near tragedy? 

A young mother was run down in a Mission Street crosswalk Feb. 3 when a speeding car raced through the red light. Her baby flew out of her arms into the middle of the street. As horrified bystanders looked on, a second car chased the first with a shooter leaning out the window.

Two shots were fired, but nobody in the crowd was hit. Even more miraculously, both cars missed the baby, who happens to be my granddaughter. And when the mother, my daughter, was taken to the hospital, they only found bruises.

But did I read about this in the newspaper? Did I see it on the evening news? No. What kind of place do we live in, where innocent people cannot cross the street in safety? What kind of city doesn’t get outraged that gangbangers can get away with careening down our streets and shooting wildly?

Jane Weil, San Francisco

Keep city commission

The principles of civilian oversight and neighborhood representation on the Entertainment Commission are imperative in a city that embraces democracy, as we do in San Francisco. Any talk of abolishing the Entertainment Commission is an attack on neighborhood input at City Hall.

The Entertainment Commission needs more neighborhood representatives, not phonies who have a financial interest in the industry they help regulate or who got appointed in return for past political contributions or cronyism.

It would be a horrible mistake to abolish the Entertainment Commission and totally silence the neighbors of the entertainment venues.

Jamie Whitaker, Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association, San Francisco

Not ‘snake oil science’

Conservatives are mocking Al Gore and global warming while record-breaking blizzards bury the East Coast in feet of snow. Republican leader Mitch McConnell quipped “Where’s Al Gore Now?” and called global warming “snake oil science.”

What conservatives don’t seem to understand is that snow isn’t caused by cold, it’s a product of moisture. The warmer the planet gets, the more water is in the air. That can cause more rain and more snow.

Marc Perkel, Gilroy

Problems with parking

Just try to find a metered parking space anywhere between Van Ness Avenue and Market, Howard and Sixth streets that doesn’t have a disability-placard car already parked there. This area is predominately occupied by city and state agencies.

Look anywhere in the Financial District and there isn’t any concentration of parked disability-placard cars like there is in this area. A vast majority of these cars also have bridge-toll FastTrak units, which is another symptom of city employment problems.

Illegal use of handicap privileges is bad enough. But free parking at city meters is plain fraud by public employees. One month’s illegal use of a placard is equal to stealing a laptop from taxpayers every month.

Ironically, the blue reserved handicap parking spaces are almost always vacant. If city employee placard scofflaws just parked there instead, at least they wouldn’t be stealing quite as much from San Francisco.

Rick O’Leary, San Francisco

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