Letters from our Readers: We must not forget Vietnam War’s lessons 

On April 30, we commemorated the 35-year anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. During the war, our family yearned and prayed for peace in our homeland of Vietnam.

Since the war’s end, we have witnessed the spirit of reconciliation, renewal and cooperation between Vietnam and the United States.The Vietnam War will continue to be the focus of historians for generations to come. Let us not forget the lessons of the “Vietnam Quagmire.”

As we look at the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, let us actively work for peace, rather than continue to send our young men and women abroad to kill and to be killed.

Anh Le, San Francisco

Finish median project

As part of the Divisadero renovation, The City upgraded the cement median divider by planting trees and greenery, installing new curbing, etc.

But the new construction only went from Fell to Geary streets. The unretouched cement median continues through Post, Sutter, Bush, Pine and California streets.

So the unanswered question from businesses and residents within that five-block northern section is why the project stopped short.

Hal Maguire, San Francisco

No room for bank hijinks

We keep referring to America’s capitalistic system, but have we forgotten what capitalism actually means, and what it is not? If we go back to Econ 101, we’re reminded that capitalism is an economic system in which the production and distribution of goods and services depend on invested private capital and profit making. The key words are “goods and services,” implying that something people are willing to buy is provided.

This pure definition of capitalism leaves no room for the games played by the bankers and Wall Street charlatans. Their shady dealings are just fraud and gambling for selfish gains at the expense of those fooled by schemes that can only be classified as criminal. Neither does a “free enterprise system” mean anyone is free to steal and cheat wherever they see opportunity. These dirty tricks have nothing to do with capitalism. All they accomplish is giving capitalism a bad reputation and enriching people who contribute nothing to the betterment of society.

Doesn’t this justify the need for stricter regulations to prevent financial anarchy?

Jorg Aadahl, San Mateo

No Bowl in South Bay

The operative words in the NFL’s statement encouraging a Super Bowl bid in the San Francisco Bay Area are “new stadium” — not “Santa Clara.”

The chances for a local Super Bowl are infinitely greater with a San Francisco stadium built at Hunters Point, a scenic site that offers more than 700 acres from which to design a “state of the art” facility with ample parking, transit and traffic connections.
The poorer alternative is Santa Clara’s 15-acre site with challenged parking, transit and traffic — 40 miles away from sufficient hospitality, dining and entertainment.

Michael Antonini, Planning Commissioner, San Francisco

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