Letters from our Readers: Two hospitals’ futures misrepresented in story 

Your Sunday story “Bay Area hospital development in danger of flat-lining” conveyed an incorrect impression about St. Mary’s Medical Center and St. Francis Memorial Hospital. We have no plans to close these facilities and continue to invest resources in their high-quality patient care.

St. Francis started a seismic construction project in 2005. To date, one building meets all codes beyond 2030. A second building is currently being reviewed by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development and it is anticipated that it will pass all necessary codes. And the third building’s seismic upgrade will be completed by 2011.

St. Mary’s facility plan has been submitted to OSHPD and the hospital is moving forward with seismic upgrades. Construction should begin in the near future. To say that these two CHW hospitals risk being “shuttered” is far from the truth. Catholic Healthcare West supports California’s 2030 seismic upgrade deadline and we will continue to work with the state.

Tom Hennessy, Anna Cheung, Catholic Healthcare West, San Francisco

Hetch Hetchy water vital

I’m no big fan of Ken Garcia, but for someone to write a letter claiming that removing Hetch Hetchy won’t cost you a drop of water is flat lying. First, the reservoirs being proposed are shallower with a larger surface. That means more evaporation and water loss. Second, the lower reservoirs have dirt bottoms, compared to the rock and sand of Hetch Hetchy. That means poorer water quality.

Third, other reservoirs are likely to be controlled by broader interests, meaning less control by San Francisco. Fourth, San Mateo County already got a bunch of our water through a scare-tactic bond measure for a new pipe that we will never need. Less water, with less control over it, and poorer quality! What it boils down to is other people trying to steal the last thing of value left in this city any way they can! Don’t let them.

Joe Brooks, San Francisco

Zoo plan has some holes

So something might be done about people taunting animals at the San Francisco Zoo — not a minute too soon. Of course, if the poor victims react appropriately, they will be killed by other humans in positions of authority. The creeps who carry out these acts will be able to sue The City, when of course it is they who should be behind bars.

Carl Hoffman, San Francisco

Showing their true colors

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid praised then-candidate Barack Obama because he is “light-skinned and doesn’t talk in the negro dialect.” Vice President Joe Biden in January 2007 called Obama the first “clean” African-American candidate. Gosh, I thought it was those tacky Republicans who were supposed to be the nasty bigots.

Scott Abramson, San Mateo

US could turn into Italy

One need not be a member of the NRA to suspect that hand-wringing do-gooders will not rest until they have outlawed guns, kitchen knives, plastic bags and cuss words. Soon we will have what the Italians have: a dysfunctional socialist society with a huge black market.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

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