Letters from our Readers: Traffic is an acceptable trade for health care 

California Pacific Medical Center is committed to the health care needs of San Francisco. That’s why we are planning to build two new, seismically safe hospitals at Van Ness Avenue and Geary Boulevard and our St. Luke’s campus, as well as to enhance our Davies Campus — all at no cost to the citizens of The City.

The July 22 Examiner article, “Hospitals to cause traffic horror” highlighted one facet of an enormous plan that will meet the long-term health care needs of 40 percent of San Franciscans, while pumping $2.5 billion into the local economy and creating 1,500 well-paid construction jobs.

Yes, hospitals increase traffic, but we believe that locating them on major thoroughfares that have excellent public transportation — such as Van Ness/Geary, and Cesar Chavez and Valencia Street — are the right approaches in a city that is going green.

Dr. Warren Browner, CEO, CPMC, San Francisco

Liability for taxi charges

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority has taken authority over taxi companies and is assessing a 75-cent charge for credit card transactions. I wonder if that violates any credit card transaction laws. Such fees are normally charged to the business, not directly to the customer.

If the SFMTA has created potential liability for The City, a “hold harmless” agreement by the taxi companies in favor of The City will not necessarily protect San Francisco from liability. Cab companies are often self insured and if they go bankrupt in a civil proceeding, liability could fall upon The City.

D. Scott, Tiburon

Thicker skin for words

Today everyone gets upset by character descriptions — whether negative or positive — and is ready to get a rope. I have sailed around the world many times, and have been known to take a drink. I have sailed in Alaskan waters as a commercial fisherman, I have been in the U.S. Navy twice, with honorable discharges, and I currently sail for the Sailors Union Pacific as a deep-sea merchant sailor.

But in contrast to the July 23 letter-writer, I never once felt insulted by the term “drunken sailor.” In clarity of speaking and expeditious understanding, sometimes there simply are no other words or phrases that fit a particular situation. Over time we know exactly what is meant when we hear certain phrases.

But in the same way, I also know exactly what it means when someone compares people to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and I would be greatly insulted by that.

Theodore Carl Soderberg, San Francisco

Time for more beer

Now that the Obama administration has apologized to Shirley Sherrod for her wrongful forced resignation, perhaps the White House will have a greater appreciation for the danger of reacting in a kneejerk and uncritical fashion to soundbites and video clips taken out of context.

Maybe it’s time for a new White House beer summit with Sherrod, farmer Snooper and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Richard Beleson, San Francisco

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