Letters from our readers: Supervisors will never endorse the sit-lie law 

Don’t expect the poverty pimps on the Board of Supervisors to pass the Haight Street sit-lie law anytime soon. Even though similar laws in other cities have proven successful in deterring criminal vagrancy, even though our current laws require a complaint from a citizen before police take action — thus inviting retaliation — the ideological Lilliputians on the board won’t consider those facts.

A majority of our supervisors will continue to take their marching orders from the homeless-industrial complex, to the detriment of San Francisco and its residents.

E.F. Sullivan, San Francisco

Warming creates moisture

The Thursday “Amusing take on ‘science’” letter requires rebuttal. It has the common misunderstanding that snow is evidence that Earth is not warming. The fact is that both snow and rain are results of water evaporating from lakes and oceans. If it is too cold everywhere, no water will evaporate and there will be no rain or snow.

The warmer it gets, the more water will evaporate and form clouds. The atmosphere can only hold so much cloud moisture before water forms again and comes down as rain in warmer areas — or snow when it is colder.

All that snow on the East Coast is simply a result of increased evaporation due to a warmer climate at origination, while the East Coast winter was cold enough for snow to form instead of rain.

Even when glaciers and the ice caps are melting, it can still be cold enough somewhere else for snow to fall.

Jorg Aadahl, San Mateo

IRS hater was terrorist

Regardless of the media’s politically correct posturing, the simple fact is that Joe Stack was a suicide bomber when he flew his private plane into a building containing an IRS office. Stack was a murderer of the innocent.

So why did the media avoid referring to him as a terrorist? Because anti-tax politicians are powerful — if you are killed because you work for the IRS, your name is not even worthy of a line in the newspaper.

Anti-tax activists regard the murdering of IRS workers as a legitimate protest tool.

Arthur Plum, Los Angeles

Ties to jihadists

The Obama administration Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder has hired nine lawyers who previously defended jihadist terrorists. Why is there no outcry against this? What if lawyers who represented the mafia or Enron were part of the Department of Justice team that prosecuted those guys? But maybe that explains why team Obama-Holder is so gracious in giving Miranda rights to captured terrorists.

Scott Abramson, San Mateo

Same coverage for all

If Congress sincerely concludes that the health proposals now before them are best for the country, then all congressional members should be required to get their health care from the same plan instead of the gold-plated health coverage they now enjoy.

Tony Favero, Half Moon Bay

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