Letters from our Readers: Supervisors’ policies 

Supervisor John Avalos and the Board of Supervisors seem to stay awake nights thinking of ways to drive people out of The City to make purchases and patronize restaurants and bars, to say nothing of actually changing their residence.

The proposed liquor fee is just another idea to further accomplish this. Liquor is already taxed to the hilt. Aren’t the supervisors satisfied with the blight their business tax legislation has caused on Market Street? Pretty soon they’ll have The City all to themselves.

Adrienne Thiele, San Francisco

Running from the truth

The supposed Democratic Party stalwarts who brag about their support of workers and unions suddenly are hesitant to vote against endorsing Proposition G to cut down Muni transit operators’ wages. Outside the Democratic County Central Committee meetings, one can hear arguments by many supposed progressives about how Muni drivers are overpaid. Many of these very same progressives could be called Cadillac liberals who make far more than any Muni driver and with less job stress.

Denise D’Anne, San Francisco

Out of control gun rights

Gun use in San Francisco has reached epidemic heights. Just visit the Mission. If the Second Amendment said “cars” instead of “arms,” there wouldn’t be any traffic laws — no street or traffic signals and no way to stop the car-crazy mayhem everywhere. That is the effect and legacy that guns now have on our Constitution in 2010.

The Second Amendment was written to protect 1789 flint-lock carrying citizens in a new country that had no army or extended law enforcement. But now, it is responsible for an incredible amount of senseless American deaths in the 21st century. Teens can’t buy cigarettes, but two 8-year-old boys can shoot each other dead in an L.A. river bed to protect their rights.

If the Second Amendment is to persevere, the federal government has an implied obligation under our current national killing sprees to issue every citizen, no matter their age, a gun when they apply for their Social Security number. Gang-bangers, elected officials, the courts, gun lobbies and manufacturers will all support this approach since they quietly conspire to promote it now.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

Risk of riding a bike

Where was bicycle-advocating Mayor Gavin Newsom when L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took to the streets for the first time in over five years on a bike, only to have his elbow shattered by a licensed cab driver pulling across a bike lane in notorious Los Angeles auto traffic?

The first time bicycling in five years and an accident with a shattered elbow is not a good traffic record. One wonders if inexperienced bicycle riders such as Villaraigosa should be riding on busy streets in either Los Angeles or San Francisco?

Frank Norton, San Francisco

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