Letters from our Readers: Supervisor must turn focus to own district 

While Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi has been deeply concerned about the cost of security for our mayor, he has been asleep at the wheel about the security of the residents in his district. Haight Street has been under siege by street thugs for about the last eight months. Pleas to hold hearings in the supervisors’ Public Safety Committee (of which Mirkarimi is vice chairman) have been ignored.

SFPD Chief George Gascón has called for a sit-lie law similar to Berkeley’s. Park Police Station Capt. Teresa Barrett has stepped up enforcement of a variety of ordinances to quell the violence, fear and intimidation of the street thugs — to great cheers of relief from the Haight-Ashbury community.

Ross Mirkarimi is studying the idea. We only wish our supervisor was as concerned about our security as he is about the cost of the mayor’s.

Ted Loewenberg, President, Haight-Ashbury Improvement Association, San Francisco

Stop skewing the facts

In your Sunday editorial, you said, “Regardless of whether one favors or opposes a government takeover of the American health care system ...” Can you describe how forcing 30 million new customers to buy private insurance is a “government takeover”?

A government takeover would more likely resemble the current systems in Canada and Europe, where costs are much lower and everyone is covered. If anyone is driving a “sharper, deeper and more bitter wedge” into the body politic, it is conservative misinformation of what “Obamacare” actually is — a private-insurance-friendly compromise.

Brian McCall, San Francisco

Park plan needs revise

As a 15-year resident of the Lower Sunset neighborhood, I feel that the proposal to replace natural turf with artificial turf at the Golden Gate Park soccer fields and install intense nighttime sports lighting on 60-foot poles needs reconsideration. I support upgrading the soccer facilities, but this proposal is totally inappropriate for Golden Gate Park and will have a detrimental effect on the park and neighborhood.

An environmental impact report is definitely in order so that this project will not change the natural beauty of the park’s west end, as envisioned by the Golden Gate Park Master Plan.

Paul M.O. Lee, San Francisco

Americans show good will

The prompt outpouring of generous support from the United States for Haiti is another example of why President Barack Obama should apologize to the American people for his shameless world tour apologizing for America’s “arrogance.”

Mike DeNunzio, Chairman, Republican Assembly, San Francisco

Silence hateful voice

The Rev. Pat Robertson’s recent hurtful and disgraceful remarks on his Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club” about the cause of the tragic earthquake in Haiti should be roundly condemned.

He claimed the Haitians “swore a pact with the devil” in order to become free of French domination back in 1791. It was for that reason that they have suffered and now continue to suffer so much.

After Robertson’s similar remarks about 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina being God’s punishments, haven’t we finally had enough

Don Havis, San Mateo

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