Letters from our readers: Street Parks program effective against blight 

Since the Street Parks program began in 2004, it has been transforming vacant lots into gardens, illegal dumping spots into greenery and hillsides into parks. One hundred mini parks have been developed and many more are in progress. We take formerly unused and often abused pieces of public property that contribute to neighborhood blight. We find community stakeholders who take ownership of the area, help us rebuild it, and then commit to maintaining it afterward.

A former dead space is transformed into a neighborhood jewel that has been created by the neighborhood for the neighborhood. The City saves much-needed greening funds to care for other areas and the taxpayers save money. Neighbors are now enjoying a beautiful green space where trash, graffiti and blight once existed.

Mohammed Nuru, Public Works Department, San Francisco

Media plays up GOP wins

The first election after the health care reform bill passed has now been held. But you won’t see anything about it on cable news or talk radio because a Democrat won. On April 13 in Florida, Democrat Ted Deutch won 62 percent to 35 percent over Republican Ed Lynch in a special election for Congress. The race was billed as a referendum on health care, the Obama administration and the direction America is heading.

If a Republican had won, the news would be covered continuously and be hailed as the end of the Democratic Party.

Marc Perkel, Gilroy

Whitman owes no favors

Hardly a day goes by without a media complaint about Meg Whitman using her own money to finance her campaign for governor of California. I find this argument foolish. If she is using her own money she won’t owe favors to special interests.

Her major opponent, Jerry Brown, receives thousands of dollars from the unions that are largely responsible for the financial mess the state is in.

Keith C. De Filippis, San Jose

SFPD, Harris at fault

Clearly the San Francisco Police Department is at fault for the mismanaged crime laboratory and maybe for fearing to punish Deborah Madden due to political correctness. However, the District Attorney’s Office appears rudderless and must share the blame.

District Attorney Kamala Harris has broken her campaign promise to improve relations with the police and, in fact, has caused greater dissension. Her attitude is reflected in her subordinates’ inabilities to deal with potentially tainted evidence, resulting in hundreds of criminal cases being dismissed. Harris has not shown any leadership as she is too busy campaigning for California attorney general to be concerned about the criminals running amok in San Francisco.

Robert A. Jung, San Francisco

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