Letters from our Readers: Sit-lie law an effective tool to clean up Haight 

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi has reportedly decided to have his Public Safety Committee hold hearings on the problems of abusive behavior by The City’s street people on Haight Street. He finally acted, reluctantly, because of pressure from his constituents in the Haight.

But Mirkarimi says his committee will try to clear up “misinformation” about the proposed sit-lie law. In other words, he will try to discredit and kill the idea in committee. He’s opposed to it on ideological grounds. He says the answer lies in “foot patrols” and “community policing.”

But we, the residents, know better. Foot patrols are hampered by current law that forbids police from moving along street-blockers unless there is a formal complaint from a civilian. A sit-lie law like the one that cleaned up Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue is a better tool to help foot patrols to do their work.

Also, “community policing” is an empty ideological balloon. Mirkarimi never clarifies what it means. What we need is effective law enforcement. That means making an example of the worst repeat offenders by holding them accountable through prosecution and conviction in the courts.

Arthur Evans, San Francisco

Dems love speechifying

Did anyone else conclude, after reading Joe Biden’s Jan. 26 “Sound Bites” quotation, that Democrats love their czars and task forces because they love speechifying endlessly about all they are going to do for the poor, kids, old people and unemployed — for all “victims” in general.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

Give Obama some credit

It’s no secret that The Examiner is no fan of President Barack Obama and his economic plans. Yet on the same day you were on the soapbox yet again about how the president needs to cut deficits and rein in spending and show bipartisanship, his proposal to create a bipartisan task force to curb spending and rein in those deficits was shot down in Congress by both parties.

Republican and Democratic senators showed they only want deficit reduction if there isn’t a political price to pay. At least give the president credit for attempting to get a bipartisan conversation going about addressing this huge problem. How about an honest acknowledgment from The Examiner that perhaps some of this budget mess lies right at the feet of the Republican Party as well as the Democrats.

John J. Dillon, San Bruno

Pay back campaign bucks

Your Jan. 25 editorial, “Honesty needed in campaign finance reform,” should have gone a step further and suggested that all campaign contributions made to Republicans as well as Democrats should be returned — in which case I would not only agree with you, but invite you to dinner too.

Paul J. Hoffman, San Carlos

Why no ACORN coverage?

Why isn’t there wider press coverage about ACORN working overtime to team up with the SEIU, ACLU and BAMN (Affirmative Action By Any Means Necessary), a radical leftist student group? Their announced purpose is to block Ward Connerly’s antidiscrimination initiative from going on any ballot.

Philip Melnick, San Francisco

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