Letters from our readers: SFMTA cuts budget, but how much does it spend? 

Thank you for the Jan. 29 story informing the public about the Municipal Transportation Agency’s cuts and the relationship to its budget deficit.

Would it be possible to tell us how much the total budget is and where the money is being spent? It’d be nice for the public to know where the money is going so we can understand the situation a little better. How much is going to salaries and benefits for current employees and retirees, or equipment and gas, etc.?

Simran Bhatia, San Francisco

Can’t blame just one guy

Everyone seems to be pointing the finger at Attorney General Eric Holder as if he alone made the decision to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a Manhattan criminal court, granting full American constitutional rights to a foreign terrorist.

And now the White House even wants the public to believe Holder is the one who pushed to close Gitmo and bring more terrorists to the U.S.? It doesn’t have the ring of truth.

Holder becoming the fall guy will not make us any safer.

Richard King, Palo Alto

Value of Caltrans unknown

As the issue of raising bridge tolls comes up again, people are just saying, “What can you do?”

But where was Caltrans when the Bay Bridge needed inspections and repairs all these years? And when repairs are needed, they contract the work out? Why do we need Caltrans? It doesn’t fix anything. I’ve driven dirt roads in Arizona and New Mexico that are in better condition than our freeways.

And where was the bridge commission when plans were made to build the new Bay Bridge section, and all they did was sit on it until the cost doubled? Who employed these people in the first place? If we pay for the bridges, we should decide who runs them.

Malcolm Kew, Hercules

Making amends in Haiti

The U.S. invaded Haiti in 1916 and appointed vicious proxy dictators, president for life Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier followed by his son Jean-Claude Duvalier. Both rulers acquiesced to U.S. demands to privatize state-run industries and establish sweatshops to provide U.S. corporations with cheap imports.

It now behooves us to help Haitians rebuild their devastated nation. Haiti’s long-term debt of $880 million should be forgiven. And the democratically elected leader, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, should be allowed to return to his country from exile.

Jagjit Singh, Los Altos

Bank move seems fair

Charging a fee to banks that took taxpayer bailouts sounds to me like a perfectly fair tit for tat.

Al Ujcic, San Francisco

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