Letters from our readers: SFFD is already paid to clean up car crashes 

The mayor’s proposal for an onerous cleanup fee on motorists who have been in an accident is misguided. We have already paid for these costs through the funding of wages and benefits (including their pensions and medical care) for the fine members of our Fire Department. Charging a redundant fee for cleanup on either the motorists or the insurance company is double taxation and frankly ­un-American.

Michael McGreevy, San Francisco

‘History’ already happened

The Examiner front-page headline Wednesday, “Women power Golden State to history,” was technically correct, but misleading. Two Democratic women, Kathleen Brown and Dianne Feinstein, broke the glass ceiling in 1994 by being their party’s candidates for governor and U.S. senator, just like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are today.

John D. Rosin, San Francisco

Board’s false scare tactic

Supervisor John Avalos’ argument that the condo-bypass proposal would impact “vulnerable” renters in San Francisco is false. For the most part, these are owner-occupied tenancy-in-common units that will never be rental units again. This is the false scare tactic that the extremists on the Board of Supervisors always use, and it is a lie.

The bypass only allows a change in title from tenancy-in-common to condo, nothing more. No evictions, no loss of rental stock. Substantial renter protection from evictions and condo conversions are in place now. Let’s help the middle-class homeowner and preserve $8 million for affordable housing. It is a win-win.

David Fix, San Francisco

Recognizing Flag Day

I wonder how many Americans noticed that Monday was Flag Day, the anniversary of the day when the U.S. flag was adopted in 1777. In addition to Old Glory or the Stars and Stripes, there are the 50 individual state flags. The federal flag was deemed necessary for identity of the government’s sovereignty over foreign affairs, while the states have sovereignty over their internal affairs. Does this surprise you?

Frank Norton, San Francisco

Hassle of city driving

I have noticed the building of some fancy traffic islands on Noriega Street west of 19th Avenue and at Yorba Street and Sunset Boulevard. Meanwhile, while many other city streets and thoroughfares need to be repaved, several street corners are being reramped while the southeast corner of 27th Avenue and Noriega Street has never been ramped. How are the Public Works Department projects prioritized? Who failed to notice these things? 

Also, as an automobile driver, I am now denied the use of a portion of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park every Sunday, Market Street eastbound from 10th Street at all times, and street closing for the S.F. Marathon, Bay to Breakers, parades and other events. I demand a property tax reduction of 10 percent to offset this continuing inconvenience.

Harvey March, San Francisco

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