Letters from our Readers: Setting record straight on ‘Laura’s Law’ bill 

The Examiner’s report Monday on my legislation to implement “Laura’s Law” in San Francisco mistakenly suggests that medication would be forced on people with mentalillness.

State law allows counties to require outpatient treatment through “Laura’s Law,” meaning someone with severe mental illness would have access to assisted outpatient treatment through a case manager. The person, in consultation with their provider, could choose whether or not to takemedication.

Forced medication is only allowed in an inpatient, or hospital, setting. My hope is that “Laura’s Law” will keep people with mental illness out of institutions and connected to high-quality, appropriate mental health care.

“Laura’s Law” was modeled after a New York measure that has resulted in 77 percent fewer psychiatric hospitalizations, a 74 percent reduction in homelessness, a 55 percent drop in suicide attempts and an 83 percent reduction in arrests.

We must reform a system that places mentally ill persons in jails rather than in treatment.

Michela Alioto-Pier, Supervisor, San Francisco

Taxes don’t bring results

Recall the $435 Pentagon hammer. We know that this wasn’t an off-the-shelf Home Depot purchase. The cost was based on budget procurement divided by unit delivered.

So goes it with city government. How much does a ton of street trash cost us? How much to keep a bus graffiti-free? How much to transport a drunk to the drunk tank? Garden an acre of public land?

A long time ago, San Francisco went from bang-for-buck to tax-and-spend. Monopoly law was used to aid and abed a spoils system whereby votes and contributions bought labor pay and benefit packages. The “compassion card” was played to the max. Today, it’s no longer can-do government, it’s can-take government.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

Terrorists aren’t Muslims

I was deeply upset and outraged to read the letter from Jorg Aadahl (Letters, July 13).

I am not angry at him but saddened about his lack of knowledge about real Muslims, but Jesus tells me to love him and not hate him. Like him, I am proud to be American, but unlike him I refuse to take other people’s faith out of context!

To me, Muslims who commit acts of terror are no longer Muslims. Similarly, I believe Timothy McVeigh is not a Christian and Dr. Baruch Goldstein is not a Jew!

Regardless of our faiths, we must live together in peace and not have our lives dictated by extremists as well as ignorant people who misinterpret other people’s beliefs.

Saadi Nasim, San Francisco

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