Letters from our readers: San Franciscans vote no on public power 

PG&E is an easy target to attack, but which is more reliable: your electricity or your morning bus? Which has a better response time to emergencies?

I think that PG&E overreached by having Proposition 16 require a two-thirds vote for localities to create an alternative to their service. But the citizens of San Francisco have overwhelmingly voted “no” on public power. The Board of Supervisors is not listening to us; they want to rush through their public power experiment without proper vetting. Tell them “no” again.

David Fix, San Francisco

Adding to street hazards

So now The City is thinking about a “lending library” for bicycles.

With our streets already overcrowded with speeding automobiles, with the number of pedestrians killed and maimed yearly — now all motor vehicles and pedestrians will need to be on the lookout for additional scofflaw bikers that barely miss pedestrians in the crosswalks and go right through stop signs.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

Muni is letting SF down

How many Muni board members ride a bus? With all of the schedule cutbacks and elimination of routes, we are expected to adjust. Does Muni boss Nat Ford use Muni?

Does he count on Muni to get him to appointments on time? I want to do the right thing and not drive, but Muni is forcing me back into my car.

D.A. Dougan, San Francisco

Stop calling for boycotts

I have had enough of political gadflies like Gavin Newsom and Dennis Herrera, as well as pundits such as Ken Garcia, who all advocate some sort of boycott against Arizona for passing a law requiring their law enforcement to do what the federal government has refused to do: enforce immigration law.

The failure of Washington, D.C., to secure our borders is not an excuse for state and local officials to wring their hands and do nothing. It’s even worse when the same politicians believe it is OK to create sanctuary zones where their own law enforcement agencies must aid illegal crossing of our borders by refusing to cooperate with enforcement of the existing immigration laws.

Arizona should be applauded for trying to stand up for the rule of law in the face of increased illegal immigration and the crime that accompanies it. Why is it too much to ask California state and local officials to follow Arizona’s lead?

Alfred Nunez Jr., Martinez

Jihadists should love US

What the heck is wrong with these jihadist would-be car-bombers? Don’t they know President Barack Obama has castigated America for its arrogance, turned his back on Israel and wished happy birthday to the Islamic regime of Iran? Aren’t these guys supposed to love us now?

Scott Abramson, San Mateo


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