Letters from our Readers: Responsible drinkers shouldn’t carry burden 

Supervisor John Avalos wants to impose an alcohol tax to cover the cost of alcohol-related municipal services. But, a review of these costs by the San Francisco Department of Public Health showed that 225 repeat offenders account for $13.5 million of those costs — more than $60,000 per person every year.

Is it fair to impose this tax on responsible drinkers when the problem is with a very small number of repeat offenders? There must be a better way to deal with these repeat offenders than to continue throwing so much money at the problem. We already know that current efforts have not eliminated the problem.

David Fix, San Francisco

Nightmare for extremists

The “so-called ground zero mosque” ain’t a mosque! If it were a mosque it would violate Islamic principles. Since 1970, there has been a mosque in the same area called Masjid Manhattan. A new mosque would hurt the congregation of Masjid Manhattan.

The proposed project is a cultural center open to all faiths. It is modeled after Jewish community centers. Support comes from local rabbis, Christian leaders, the 9/11 family association Peaceful Tomorrows and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Interfaith cooperation is the worst nightmare for all extremists. The terrorists’ goal will always be to divide Islam and the West. Moderate Muslims are the biggest threat to radicals. The radicals hate everything “Western,” but they hate people like me even more.

This Ramadan, I respectfully dedicate my fasts and prayers to all Americans fighting for freedom and liberty around the world and at home.

Saadi Nasim, San Francisco

No room for insensitivity

So talk show host Dr. Laura has finally resigned. Good riddance! It is truly disturbing when people in the public eye make racially or ethnically insensitive remarks, whether it be the “N-word,” telling the Jews to “go home to Poland” or pronouncing that “the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly.” Such comments reveal an underlying bias, whatever public face these individuals may otherwise display, and America has no place for it.

Richard Beleson, San Francisco

Just imagine the horror

As a resident of Miraloma Park, I am concerned about the proposed windmill construction at a residence in our neighborhood. Besides the noise and visual blight, it might well attract middle-aged knight errants’ and their scruffy squires looking for dragons to slay.

We might see legions of armed horsemen tramping through the neighborhood, attracted by the sight of these whirling monsters. In addition to the problem of undocumented immigrant knights invading Miraloma Park, where are they going to park their horses?

I say no to this quixotic proposal.

Steve Abney, San Francisco

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