Letters from our Readers: Prop. G clutters ballot, adds cost to election 

At a time when The City is in the red and is laying off employees, Examiner columnist Melissa Griffin supports an expensive, do-nothing“policy statement” about the Transbay Transit Terminal on June’s ballot. Proposition G asks voters to OK something that’s already enshrined in policy and law. Its only effect is to add ballot clutter and cost to the election — not to change anything.

Instead of supporting such a waste, Griffin would display better judgment by supporting Proposition G’s withdrawal. Another positive issue for her would be to endorse naming the future linear park atop the downtown terminal as the Quentin L. Kopp Transbay Terminal Railroad Museum and Park — featuring vintage light-rail cars that once converged on the Transbay Terminal.

After all, if it weren’t for Judge Kopp, California’s father of high-speed rail transit, there would be no terminal location and quarter-mile-long park to again vote about.

Stan Horn, San Francisco

Stick to city business

Imagine, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors can’t even pass a consistent off-leash dog policy for our city parks. But they have no hesitation about weighing in on Arizona’s fed-up response to the federal government’s longtime failure to uphold border law and order. If our supervisors really want to show some backbone, they should send a $15 million check to help Arizona repair the damages to its economy.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

It’s already a crime

With all of the debate surrounding Arizona’s new immigration law, I think The Examiner’s “Under the Dome” entry on April 27 put it best. City Attorney Dennis Herrera wants San Francisco to boycott Arizona as punishment for a law “that
criminalizes illegal immigration.”

What? Making it a crime to do something illegal? What a novel concept. Maybe San Francisco and California ought to look into similar aspects of basic government as opposed to coddling criminals.

C. Slater, San Francisco

Take a trip to Arizona

I moved from Arizona to San Francisco and I am upset that city employees are barred from traveling to Arizona. I have the utmost respect for Mayor Gavin Newsom. I disagree with Arizona’s new immigration law, but boycotting that state is not the answer.

Arizona is home to great natural treasures and historical sites. It is a beautiful state rich in Native American and Hispanic traditions. I encourage all San Franciscans to visit Arizona. As Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

As travelers, we can have dialogue with local residents and seek better solutions.

Saadi Nasim, San Francisco

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