Letters from our Readers: Pelosi needs applause for her work 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi not only gave President Barack Obama the prodding and encouragement he needed to pass this health care reform bill, she herself provided the necessary leadership in Congress to make that happen. I’m confident she will also continue to provide the leadership to improve the health care reform bill, so that the goal of securing decent health insurance for every child, woman, and man in this nation as a human and civil right becomes reality.

I believe that Speaker Pelosi, who opposed President Obama’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan, will also continue using her leadership to work for achieving peace in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as making a difference on other issues such as the environment.

Anh Le
San Francisco

Who will fund health care?
America is fast becoming a country of senior citizens, with the average savings by retired families of some $45,000. But a recent study announced that a retirement at age 62 will require over $250,000 for a family health care with the average longevity today of 86 years for a woman, and 82 years for a man.

With the new health care exchanges and subsidies for those without insurance to begin in 2014, this low family savings of $45,000 at retirement might be adequate to get them to the 2014 date.

But for the next 16 to 20 years of expected average life on retirement, who will pay for the balance of the $210,000 the study states will be required for their health insurance? In Europe, the European Union is expected to cover the cost of Greece’s insolvent government, but the United States won’t have a North American Union to pay for our insolvent health care system?

Frank Norton, San Francisco

Bring America’s Cup to Bay

While Larry Ellison is looking at buying the hapless Golden State Warriors NBA team, I hope he would also consider “giving back” to the Bay Area by financially sponsoring the next America’s Cup race with the Yacht Club. What a double-play that would be.

Marilyn Panelli, San Francisco

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