Letters from our Readers: Nothing but resentment for terrorism, backlash 

I deeply resent that, as an innocent individual, I will be subjected to a virtual cavity search on a flight out of San Francisco this weekend. I resent the terrorists whose increasingly obscene acts are given by my government (and other governments) as the reason we must adopt Orwellian standards.

I resent my government for knowing who is committing these acts and why, and having actionable intelligence on individual perpetrators, but nonetheless criminalizing the entire flying public. I resent the multiculturalists who call for “understanding” these obscenities. By demanding respect for all cultural norms — even those that deserve no respect — multiculturalism has become a profoundly illiberal ideology.

The greatest problem facing Islam is not the Israelis, Americans, Danish cartoons or the Swiss minaret ban. The greatest problem is a myopia outraged by these perceived slights and not by the Muslim-on-Muslim carnage (dozens to hundreds killed daily in Iraq and Pakistan), and even less by the murderous extremist ideology in its own ranks.

Alfonso Valdes
San Carlos

Shariah criticism is shallow

In a Dec. 30 Examiner op-ed, David Yerushalmi criticizes Shariah-compliant finance as a stalking horse for those who would impose Shariah law in all spheres of life. This is the shallowest form of “guilt by association.”

The Quran’s prohibition on the charging of interest by financiers can in fact promote win-win partnerships between providers and users of capital.

After the recent turmoil in Western banking systems, it would be foolhardy to ignore the valuable lessons of this alternative system, which are easily considered apart from the social and political aims of radical jihad.

Alan J. Haus
San Francisco


Tourists shouldn’t be taxed

Every Christmas holiday, my husband and I make our annual trek to the City by the Bay. This year, it was certainly evident to me that City Hall and the Board of Supervisors were gouging visitors when we discovered that tourists, along with residents, are taxed an additional 4 percent on food and beverages as part of the Healthy San Francisco initiative.

There is certainly an injustice in having visitors pay for San Franciscans’ health care. I am a registered nurse living in the Central Valley, where the need for health care — especially in rural areas — is just as dire as in San Francisco. Why should going someplace for holiday fun make us prisoners in paying for what should be a local responsibility?

Fortunately, some restaurants warned us of this impending charge. San Francisco has an attitude that it is better than the rest of California. This tax is a perfect example of that.

Trish Johnson


Can’t trust transit security

With the renewed air-travel push for body scanners and invasion of privacy, I went to the Transportation Security Administration’s Web site.

I tried to go to the agency’s “Contact Us” page, but both my browsers stopped me by warning, “This Connection is Untrusted.” Amen!

James Sam
San Francisco

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