Letters from our Readers: No proof that compost is actually dangerous 

Your March 5 front-page story, “City’s free compost causes stink,” seems to me like much ado over nothing. The Organic Consumers Association has thrown the word “toxic” around hoping to generate some credibility through fear. However, they have no proof that the San Francisco generated compost is dangerous. I have a solution for any worriers — if you don’t like the free compost, don’t accept it. There are other local gardeners who would be happy to have it.

Robert A. Jung
San Francisco

Keep the salt ponds

I’m grateful to the 92 current and former Bay Area elected officials who signed the letter expressing their disagreement with the massive Cargill salt ponds development proposal. When I moved to Redwood City 10 years ago, I was impressed with the municipal fleet of hybrid vehicles, restoration of the historic City Hall building and infill housing projects.

The city’s own planners recently recommended that when Cargill retired the salt ponds, some of the property should be used for badly needed playing fields and the rest incorporated into the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge. But rather than attract business and residents to the existing downtown and restore our precious bay lands, Redwood City is considering filling in the salt ponds to build a new city at sea level, with no potable water on site, and no public transit access. What made Redwood City go so far off the environmentally sustainable track?

Mimi Campbell
Redwood City

Stay in Fairfield, Daly

Why would anyone listen to Fairfield resident Chris Daly’s suggestions on merging the San Francisco police and Sheriff’s departments? So besides working overtime to make it impossible for the middle class to remain in San Francisco, Supervisor Daly is also trying to make sure any of us left here will spend years cleaning up his mess. I’m counting the days until he moves to Fairfield full-time and becomes one of those evil landlords that he’s worked so hard to protect us against here.

Michael Cloward
San Francisco

Consider Stark’s record

It is grossly unfair that Rep. Pete Stark was stripped of his opportunity to replace Rep. Charles Rangel as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. I cannot think of a more qualified successor. Based on his long track record, Rep. Stark knows more ways to be mean than anybody else in Congress.

Richard Beleson
San Francisco

Wasting time

Why are we forcing through a health care program that no one wants? All of the major polls show that the public does not want government health care. The latest elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts confirm the polls. Unemployment is in double digit numbers. People are not buying cars, homes or major appliances. They are unsure of whether they will have a job next week. We need jobs now, not health care. With all the problems facing our country, why are the president and Congress wasting a whole year on health care?

Keith C. De Filippis
San Jose

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