Letters from our readers: No proof that car show damages park grass 

There’s never been any evidence that Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic resulted in any damage to the Golden Gate Park grass. Park Section Supervisor Joe Giammattei provided a letter stating than in the 10 years he inspected the Great Meadows after the picnic, he observed “no damage whatsoever.”

The Recreation and Park Department’s decision to deny the picnic permit for 2010 is a “new policy,” changing traditional uses of park facilities without public announcement or meeting, in violation of city ordinances.

In response to a recent Sunshine Ordinance request for documentation of any neighborhood complaints about picnic noise and damage, Supervisor Eric Mar’s office responded that it has “no records respondent to [the] request.”

As to the alternate sites offered, Recreation and Park was told last Thursday that these locations do not have bathrooms or barbecue facilities.

Guy Stilson, San Francisco

Second-hand smoke hurts

Let’s hope the San Francisco Board of Supervisors moves quickly to protect from second-hand smoke those most vulnerable among us — including people with asthma or heart conditions, seniors and youth. The California Air Resources Board has determined that breathing cigarette smoke outside is just as bad as breathing it indoors — in fact, it’s toxic.

It’s time for our supervisors to close the loopholes and expand protections so we can all breathe easier indoors or out.

Bob Gordon, San Francisco

New pot taxes a bad idea

Once again, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi proves there is no new tax he doesn’t like, with his proposal to put even more taxes on medical marijuana. Back in 2002, a “medicinal marijuana task force” was formed and did less than nothing. Now, Mirkarimi wants to revive that corpse and use it as an excuse to add even more taxes while doing nothing about production, so the price will go up even more.

Medicinal pot is already taxed, even though no other medications are. And Mirkarimi’s proposal does nothing about federal law. The patients still can’t afford their pot, which will not change. With friends like this, who needs the DEA?

Elizabeth Frantes, San Francisco

Climate change no hoax

Every day I hear more idiocy about climate change being a hoax because of the current cold spell in the southern and eastern United States. Let’s see if we can’t get through to the unconvinced with a few easy metaphors.

Think of climate change as a spinning top that has started to wobble. We get record high temperatures where it never used to be that hot, and record lows where it never used to be that cold. Or try thinking of stock market volatility; where the market roars ahead 300 points one day, and then falls 400 points the next. Every other day, you could argue, “What financial crisis? The market is up!”

Here’s one I hope exaggerates the danger we’re all in: You’re in the stern of a sinking ship. The hole is in the bow. You could correctly point out (at least for the moment), “What do you mean the ship is sinking? Look! We’re going up!”

Michael T. Kirstein, San Mateo

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