Letters from our readers: No parity when unions donate to candidates 

A Friday letter stated corporations “strip people of power” by political contributions. If the writer had invested some money, he would also be a corporate “stripper” — like me and most of my friends. How about all the unions collecting dues from their members, both Republicans and Democrats, but donating only to Democratic candidates? What kind of “stripping” is that called?

Joseph Locasto
San Mateo

Cell phones can wait

At a time when California is facing such severe economic problems, I find it sad that state Sen. Mark Leno is devoting time to concerns about radiation levels emitted from cell phones. Given the general lack of evidence relative to any concern about this, I suggest Leno try to do something about the real issue at hand: California is broke!

Leno and his colleagues — whether liberal or conservative — should concentrate on how to get California back into the black, where it was for many years. I would suggest that directing the Legislature’s attention to really balancing the budget and creating jobs is a higher concern than cell phone radiation.

Larry Hurley
Daly City

Mayor can still save image

Following the daily deliberations of Mayor Gavin Newsom about his possible candidacy for lieutenant governor, it is easy to understand why the voters are increasingly turning their backs on career politicians and the “ruling elite.” Surrounded and encouraged mainly by an entourage of political insiders and professional handlers, the formerly noble “public servants” are transparently and accurately revealed as less-altruistic “self-servants.”

However, Newsom still has the opportunity to save himself from this unattractive perception. Mr. Mayor, please finish the term the voters elected you to serve before you serve yourself.

Paul Bisaillon
San Francisco

Tasers are not the answer

Tasers would not be a very safe addition for the San Francisco Police Department. Several hundred people have died from their use. There’s a realistic concern that police officers, in their belief that the Taser is nonlethal, would cause more injuries and death than might otherwise happen. Remember that police are only firing at suspected criminals who are innocent until court proceedings determine otherwise. Misfired Tasers come back costing taxpayers for liability lawsuits, as well they should.

George Davis
San Francisco

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