Letters from our readers: No harm in Arizona enforcing federal law 

What does a state do when the federal government does not enforce its own laws? Arizona saw that not only was the federal government still losing control of its southern border, it also even halted construction of the authorized border fence. So Arizona took responsibility to enforce federal law itself.

Where is the harm? At its own expense, Arizona is enforcing Washington’s own federal guidelines. Why are the feds not interested in controlling the border? Do they want to assure low-cost labor to their business contributors?

San Francisco seems very upset about this, perhaps the mayor should send a letter to Arizona inviting them to send busloads of their illegals to our sanctuary city rather than turning them over to ICE for repatriation order.

James Keefer, San Francisco

Failure behind dismissal

Behind Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s dismissal is the stark reality of a monumental failed policy that has no chance of success. Our continued presence in Afghanistan has intensified anger and is putting NATO forces in ever-increasing danger as evidenced by the record number of fatalities in June.

It has been 10 long years, the longest war in American history, and we are in complete denial of a stark reality — the Afghan people are enraged with the large number of civilian casualties and resent our presence. Replacing McChrystal with Gen. David Petraeus will make no difference to the eventual outcome — more deaths and staggering deficit costs. It is tragic that President Barack Obama continues to abandon his campaign promise to bring this war to an end.

Jagjit Singh, Los Altos

International policing

The neocons are defined by their embrace of Pax Americana — our imposing of the Roman Empire’s Pax Romana concept. However, this is not an exclusive idea. There are plenty of leftists who believe we have a moral duty to be the world cop.

While it is certainly our sovereign duty to forcefully respond to foreign aggression, do we have a moral or political duty to enforce our idea of order wherever we want?

War, while often necessary, is not the same as international policing.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

Hamas should free Schalit

The United States has pledged more millions of dollars of financial aid for Gaza, but should stop any transfer of funds until Hamas releases the kidnapped Israeli soldier Galid Schalit. Hamas has held him for four years and has allowed no visitors, including the Red Cross.

Hamas is a terrorist regime that has shown its cruelty in many other ways. It has fired thousands of rockets into Israel, violated the borders with Israel and Egypt, killed and injured Palestinians of the Fatah party in Gaza. It is unfortunate that the Palestinian people in Gaza suffer because Hamas is their leader. Hamas could help earn financial aid from the United States by release of Galid Schalit.

Norman Licht, San Carlos

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