Letters from our readers: New BART police chief a choice to be proud of 

The appointment of Kenton Rainey as BART police chief will benefit everyone. I know from my experience as a career peace officer that Rainey’s type of commitment and dedication is very rare. And in today’s work environment it is badly needed. The staff and officers of BART will benefit from his intelligence, experience, and community-mindedness.

I know because I worked with Rainey in Ventura County at the start of his career. I was his first supervisor, I coached high-risk kids with him and saw his passionate commitment to becoming an effective police leader.

Lou Kalish, Vacaville

Promoting division

Tom Horne, the Arizona superintendent of schools, is right on. It is time to end the blatant political bias disguised as “ethnic studies.” Instead of teaching tolerance, these programs are promoting division and ethnic chauvinism. They are used for suppressing meaningful civil dialogue in favor of anti-Western propaganda.

Philip Melnick, San Francisco

Keep rowdy kids off Muni

We should get those “children” out of the bus. Virtually all of the crime on Muni is committed by juveniles. Perhaps those “children” could walk or ride bikes to school, and work off some of that excess energy. It is very dangerous to be on Muni when the “children” are massed inside. They’ll attack anyone without provocation or warning.

Elizabeth Frantes, San Francisco

Say yes to transparency

As a long-time sunshine activist, I strongly disagree with the May 13 Examiner’s front-page opposition to Proposition E, which would require a line item in The City’s annual budget projecting the security expenditure for city officials and visiting dignitaries.

The line item would not reveal how much is to be spent on individual security details, nor would it show manpower or equipment requirements. The Secret Service publishes its budget for protecting the president, and the Highway Patrol discloses its outlays for guarding state officials.

This is about government accountability. Taxpayers have the right to know how their money is to be spent, and whether actual expenditures are over, under or at budget.

Richard Knee, San Francisco

Prioritize bikes on Caltrain

I am a regular Caltrain rider who takes my bicycle on board for use in San Francisco and Sunnyvale. Prioritizing Caltrain’s bike access is a quick, low-cost way to improve access for a large number of riders. This coordinates with other efforts by Bay Area communities to promote bike commuting, leading to a better and more sustainable commute for everyone.

Caltrain should add 80 spaces on all trains, to make sure bikes aren’t bumped. Predictable access would help increase bike ridership. It is rough to be waiting for a train that has no room for your bike and then waiting another hour for the next train.

Sumanth Sukumar, San Francisco

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