Letters from our Readers: Muni situation getting worse for passengers 

As a once-proud Muni passenger, I am fast becoming a reluctant rider. All this talk of fare increases really bothers me. And now with service reductions, it’s a wonder why people run to catch a bus just to get run over by it. It’s only going to get worse for passengers, with more delays and drivers calling in “sick.” It’s almost like being on a Fellini bus half the time. City officials keep saying how much they want citizens to use public transit, but they make it really hard these days. I’m using my Zipcar account more often.

Michael Youens, San Francisco

Breaking rules to do good

Whoever is responsible for the killing of the Hamas arms dealer in Dubai deserves gratitude from the international community. A known terrorist was killed silently with no injuries to anyone else. Make no mistake, this was a self-professed murderer who was also engaged in smuggling arms for Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization. Dubai is offended that the hit was made on their soil, as are some European countries that had their passports forged.

Do these politicians have a better way to deal with terrorists? The powers in Dubai did nothing to stop him, and the Western European nations seem more concerned with passport forgery than with Hamas receiving more weapons. Just as the world screamed when Israel destroyed Iraq’s nuclear plant, they are outraged again. Just as before, they will reluctantly learn that sometimes the good guys must break rules so that bad guys won’t kill us.

Gil Stein, Santa Cruz

City should hire locally

Our city government needs to start hiring locally. An out-of-towner from Houston being hired for $225,000 to be the SFMTA transit director is unbelievable. Real San Francisco unemployment is probably at least 20 percent, and The City continues adding to the deficit by hiring expensive out-of-staters.

City contracts insist on local hiring, but San Francisco itself isn’t held to that same policy. Mayor Gavin Newsom needs to start hiring San Franciscans and lower The City’s unemployment rate before he thinks about moving out.

Rick O’Leary, San Francisco

Letter was ridiculous

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at Republican Assembly Chairman Mike DeNunzio’s Feb. 24 letter attempting to spin the numbers of the CPAC straw poll. Ron Paul was one of seven candidates but “only” received almost one-third of the votes?

Then, Mike attempts to dismiss half of those votes because the young adults of “Generation Me,” who are the future of their party, are in the same generation as many youthful Democrats who elected President Barack Obama but supposedly may not know who the vice president is.

Andre Hill, San Francisco

Witch hunt on smokers

C’mon. If secondhand smoke was as dangerous as they say, the human race would have died out many years ago. This is a witch hunt. And it has gone too far.

Mark Glomski, San Francisco

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