Letters from our Readers: More enforcement on auto scofflaw needed 

How about the law requiring you to have your headlights on while windshield wipers are in use? With this stormy weather, I see an outrageous number of drivers ignoring this law. Wouldn’t it be nice if police actually enforced it. Just think of all that revenue they are not tapping into.

And Parking and Traffic officers are not ticketing private vehicles without commercial plates that are parked in yellow zones. I pay for commercial plates and I have a hard time getting into a yellow zone.

I think these scofflaws should be ticketed and then maybe we wouldn’t be in such a deficit. Every little bit helps.

Joyce K. Wong, San Francisco

Too many careless drivers

Every week, I am sickened by reports of pedestrians being hit, injured and/or killed by car drivers — especially those who hit and run. I am a pedestrian who survived being hit by a car in 2005. I live with tinnitus. I’ve had seizures and concussions and take a seizure medication daily. My neck and shoulder are sore and stiff every day.

The driver only had liability insurance, which allowed me a minimal settlement. I just wanted the claim to be over, rather than sue for personal assets. In hindsight, I would have sued. Had I been in a car, my settlement would have been a higher amount.

As pedestrians, we are subjected to having to cross streets in which, aggressive, careless and road-rage drivers are racing to their destinations. When drivers yell at pedestrians to “hurry up,” or drive across crosswalks while pedestrians are in them, perhaps they should ask themselves, “Would I like to be crippled for the rest of my life?”

Patrick Brandt, San Francisco

Idling buses must stop

In the past, I have placed dozens of calls to SamTrans, complaining about not-in-service buses idling for more than 30 minutes near Sequoia Station. I talked to the superintendent and things got better for a while. In the past three weeks, however, the situation got worse again.

I had called in incidents at least three times, with buses idling and the drivers asleep on a bench, despite strict rules implemented by management. SamTrans is cutting services and increasing fares, while wasting Diesel and polluting the environment. This has got to stop.

Franz J. Kemper, San Carlos

Supes created a big mess

I am sick of reading about the so-called “progressive” members of our Board of Supervisors who stymie business at every turn and then whine about the lack of jobs in San Francisco. Who exactly do they think provides jobs?

They hold landowners and developers hostage to unrealistic and obscure demands, then whine that people live in dilapidated conditions and young families flee to the suburbs for decent housing. They spend millions of dollars on ridiculous legislation ostensibly to help the disenfranchised, while our infrastructure falls down around itself. The “progressive” label absolutely does not describe the mess and chaos that our board has inflicted on San Francisco for years.

Susan Holm, San Francisco

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