Letters from our Readers: Label mandate another drain on businesses 

The Small Business Commission on Monday will decide whether to support Mayor Gavin Newsom’s idea that small-business owners who sell mobile phones need to post San Francisco-specific product safety labels for customers.

The last thing we need is The City mandating product labels in convenience stores, dry cleaners and restaurants for all kinds of different products. Will I need government-approved labels listing what ingredients are in the hair product I sell? Will coffee shops have to warn their customers they can get burned by hot drinks? Will we force restaurants to warn customers of the fat in their food?

On behalf of my fellow small-business owners, I’m asking our elected officials to stop making it harder for us, at least until we’ve weathered the economic storm.

David Heller, San Francisco

Poor display by drivers

I was offended when I read that Muni workers and drivers were at the recent public protest aimed at Muni’s newest fare hikes and service cuts. Those union soldiers already have a forum for their complaints — their shop foremen and union officers. Can’t agree? Then their public forum is to picket. Why weren’t they at work that day?

Steve Armstrong, San Francisco

Improve soccer fields

As a Youth Soccer League co-president, I struggle to find enough playing fields for our 3,500 kids. Practice and game times are cut short due to inadequate lighting. The proposed lights and synthetic turf at Beach Chalet will increase soccer and lacrosse playing time by 9,500 hours for city kids and adults. Given the current crisis of childhood obesity, we strongly believe in this project.

Like the Astronomy Club president, I don’t believe our two uses need to be mutually exclusive. As a physicist, I support minimizing the game-lighting impact on astronomy. The existing lighting plan minimizes stray light by focusing the lights downward and lowering the lamp height. There is already light from nearby restaurants, streetlights and houses.

I would support the lighting plan being reasonably “altered.” The Beach Chalet soccer fields should be improved because our kids deserve a safe environment to exercise and parents deserve a safe place for that in San Francisco parks.

Stuart Berkowitz, Vikings Youth Soccer League, San Francisco

Make inflation fares fair

As a housing provider, I do not get to increase rents to reflect the level of inflation. Owners of pre-1979 properties, like me, can only raise the “fare” by 60 percent of the inflation rate.

It means that by law I’m forced to lose money because of rent control. Muni should also have to live with 60 percent of the inflation rate, since many factors in the inflation index don’t apply to a transit agency. That fare would be fair for all.

Ted Loewenberg, San Francisco

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