Letters from our Readers: Hotel workers’ boycott drained money from SF 

A March 31 news post on your Web site, “Newsom: Boycott not necessarily decimating city finances” gives a misleading impression. The impact of Local 2 Unite Here’s efforts to discourage conventions from coming to San Francisco has significant short- and long-term impacts on The City’s economy.

Between last November and this January, Local 2 Unite Here persuaded three conventions to take their business not only out of The City — but out of California. This resulted in a loss of $5.5 million in local business for hotels and restaurants, a loss of $500,000 in hotel tax revenues for San Francisco and the loss of 5,000 shifts for workers at San Francisco hotels.

Patricia Breslin, Executive Director, Hotel Council, San Francisco

Meat part of a healthy diet

I have a problem with Supervisor Sophie Maxwell telling me I should go meat-free on Mondays. I eat plenty of vegetables for lunch with my meat and my whole grain. But vegetarianism is not always a healthier option. Many vegans and even vegetarians have problems with protein deficiency and anemia.

While I’m glad Maxwell enjoys vegetarianism, I don’t feel she should try to control others’ diets. Many people just cannot achieve optimal health without some animal protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. My own vegetarianism lasted only five years and my veganism only one month before I started suffering from nutritional deficiencies.

Denise Jameson, San Francisco

Permit prices an outrage

What started in 1976 as a “service” to San Francisco residents has ended up looting us. When the neighborhood parking sticker program began, the annual fee for a residential sticker was $7.50. Now it’s going up to $90, with no end in sight.
When we complain, we are told The City spends over $8 million per year on employee and related expenses to operate the program. I believe the whole thing could be done by a total of 10 people with an annual budget of $600,000 or so.

Is city government supposed to be serving the residents, or are the residents supposed to serve city employees and their never-ending budget increases?

Maybe the time has come to simply end residential parking permits and solve the problem more inexpensively.

Joseph Meyers, San Francisco

Defender should cut staff

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi is known for his grandstanding tactics about his overworked staff and the need for more funding to defend the hordes of criminals that lack representation.

But now there are hundreds of drug suspects being set free due to alleged malfeasance at the SFPD’s crime lab. So now that the Public Defender’s Office has reduced workload, will Adachi voluntarily reduce his staff and his budget to help with The City’s financial woes?

Robert A. Jung, San Francisco

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