Letters from our Readers: Hetch Hetchy articles highlight value of water 

Thank you for the excellent series on the Hetch Hetchy refurbishment and the Peninsula water supply. People seem to take a healthy water supply for granted, and feel their monthly water bill is an imposition.

I lived in Turkey for a year in a spectacular eighth-floor apartment overlooking the Aegean Sea. Problem was that water was rationed and you hoped that the water fairy would come at night around 3 a.m. so that you could fill the bathtub.

But living on the eighth floor meant that all the units below us had their taps open at night and the water pressure was very low to begin with. So we got a trickle at best. And electricity was supplied to our area of the city only between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. and 8 and 10 p.m.

Will Richardson, San Carlos

Thanks to Redwood City

As 2010 begins, I want to thank the entire Redwood City community for the opportunity to have served four terms on the City Council. It has been a time of great opportunity, challenge and change. I feel so fortunate that from my service I have received far more than I have given. I am lucky to live in this wonderful community that is filled with so many people who day in and day out give of themselves to their neighborhoods, schools, youth, seniors and those in need.

Congratulations to the two new council members, John Seybert and Jeff Gee, and to re-elected council member and now mayor Jeff Ira. Thank you also to Janet Borgens and Cherlene Wright not only for running for office, but for your commitment to community as well.

Jim Hartnett, Redwood City

Democrats ignore voters

The Dec. 31 Examiner review of the movie “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” claimed that the film “sharply demonstrates how Republican candidates have exploited religious fervor surrounding issues such as abortion to get poor and middle-class voters to support a party whose overall actions run counter to their economic well-being.”

A better question is why the Democrats jettisoned such voters. I think people in Kansas, and many other states, felt the Democrats and their friends were out to get them.

James O. Clifford Sr., Redwood City

‘Necessity’ a misnomer

It sickens me to learn that eight more Americans have died as a result of a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. How many more of our citizens are going to be returning home in “Obama body bags” due to our president’s so-called “war of necessity”?

That conflict is now a civil war and Afghanistan is of questionable strategic value to the United States. The only “necessity” is for President Barack Obama’s ego to show the world he can go through the motions of acting like a commander in chief.

Richard Beleson, San Francisco

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