Letters from our Readers: Harder to tell who’s talking to themselves 

It used to be that if you were walking down the street and you saw persons talking to themselves, you’d cross the street to get out of their way. But nowadays, I see this scenario all the time, only it’s usually someone talking really loudly on a cell phone.

So my point is that when you see this vignette, aside from how well the phone talker might be dressed and groomed, how do you tell the crazies from the normal folk?

Barry S. Eisenberg, San Francisco

Opinions free of racism

Bully for your Monday editorial about some liberals’ divisive tendency to level racist charges against anyone holding a reasoned but opposite political opinion. It’s about time this position be courageously stated to help end the despicable practice.

Ann Grogan, San Francisco

Stop giving the rich breaks

The tax cuts for the rich need to expire. It’s not a tax increase, it’s taking away a tax cut for the rich that they never should have had in the first place. One of the main reasons we have this debt is because of giveaways to the rich. Just like the bank bailouts.

Now, people are talking about extending those tax cuts because it would raise taxes on the upper middle class, people making merely $200,000 a year. Meanwhile, the unemployed eat dog food because Congress stalled their unemployment benefits for two months. I am not so concerned about people making more than $200,000 having to pay $3,700 more.

Maybe we could save the tax cuts if we find some cheaper dog food to feed the unemployed.

Marc Perkel, Gilroy

Focus on future bike needs

Spending the dollars needed for a steel-cable netting system to avoid an estimated 1,300 Golden Gate Bridge suicides over the next 73 years at a minimum cost of $50,000 per avoided suicide may not make sense. That money could be used to provide bike lanes on the bridge to accommodate the expected bike demand that has caused the new Bay Bridge to provide lanes instead of a suicide-deterrent system.

What if San Francisco’s pro-bicycle policy becomes popular and spreads to the North and East Bay areas due to another gasoline shortage? Bike lanes would provide extra pedestrian emergency evacuation routes should there be a terrorist attack or serious vehicle accident on the bridge roadway.

Considering that future toll increases may likely be required to fund either addition, user fees could be levied on bicycle riders that could not be levied on people attempting suicide.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

Missed opportunity

The Obama administration’s reputation for competence would have been enhanced if officials had acted as quickly to mitigate damages from the Gulf oil spill as they did in the misguided firing of Shirley Sherrod.

Jim Hartman, Berkeley

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