Letters from our Readers: Geography, traffic can slow response times 

The Sunday letter complaining about slow police response times for nonemergency calls should have factored the traffic, one-way streets and hills into the equation. Though it is true The City is 49 square miles, the letter writer’s 7-mile maximum distance is an illusion, in practice. This theory would only apply if it were possible to drive from point A to point B in a straight line from any place in town. Nice idea, but totally unworkable.

The writer’s proposal to upgrade the Police Department’s information technology would also be costly since the best and the brightest in our digital community don’t work for free, and new equipment and software are expensive. Until The City pulls itself out of the red, paperwork and desk time will remain a fact of life here.” Our police are to be commended for protecting the citizens of San Francisco despite such setbacks.

Jeanne Wasserman, San Francisco

City just abusing science

If “willful ignorance” applies to a creationist who refuses to acknowledge the difference between a Bronze Age story and modern biology, then it also applies to a San Francisco supervisor who refuses to acknowledge the difference between ionizing radiation and electromagnetism.

The City’s new law requiring retailers to post the “radiation” levels of cell phones is an abuse of science. The studies have been done. Cell phone transmissions, like TV signals and sunshine, are made of the same harmless stuff, and to imply otherwise is willful grandstanding.

Jose Segue, San Francisco

No ‘progression’ in SF

The Examiner’s Monday story about a proposed business outreach center noted that in 1981 there were roughly 600,000 jobs in The City. In 2008, there were 595,000 jobs. In more than 25 years, we not only have not added jobs, we lost 5,000.

This is a result of the well-meaning but misguided direction San Francisco government has taken since the so-called progressives have dominated our city’s Board of Supervisors. Their “progression” has led to decades of recession for The City.

Michael McGreevy, San Francisco

No opinion needed

To be sure, if the Mexican drug lords started lobbing bombs onto Arizona border towns because they thought world opinion would prevent a forceful American response, Mexican drug lords might be tempted to do it. So what if Italy, Sudan, France, Sierra Leone and a circus tent full of clowns have a problem with Israeli self-determination? Serious people never asked their opinion.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

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