Letters from our Readers: Fong should be charged alongside crime lab tech 

It’s incredible news that the police crime laboratory was so understaffed and mismanaged for the past six years. Ex-chief Heather Fong should be brought up on charges along with rogue technician Deborah Madden. City neighborhoods are suffering while our police resources are pulled away to manage this lab breakdown. Where will the next city department mismanagement scandal surface?

Rick O’Leary, San Francisco

Keep McLaren dog land

Without any public notice or hearings, in 2005 the Recreation and Park Department Commission gave the San Francisco Disc Golf Club permission to develop an 18-hole course in McLaren Park that would take away 40 acres of off-leash dog run. Although no construction ever started, this January the department published a map of McLaren Park showing the disc golf course in precisely the original controversial location.

Franco Mancini, Friends of McLaren Park, San Francisco

Stick to what’s important

When I need outside assistance for my diet, I will consult a doctor, dietitian or the U.S. Surgeon General — not the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, whose members are far from poster children of health. Their resolution this week declaring every Monday “Vegetarian Day” is a joke.

Given the state of The City and its fiscal issues, our supervisors need to focus on the basics that would make living here better — public safety, schools, potholes — while tending to the huge budget deficit they helped create.

John Brunello, San Francisco

Quit throwing away money

So now Mayor Gavin Newsom wants The City to loan money to failing businesses. How can this make good financial sense? Perhaps our local leaders hadn’t heard of the U.S. financial crisis, brought about by bad loans. We are in debt deeply enough already. San Francisco needs to find ways to save money, not lose it.

Tim Donnelly, San Francisco

Immigrants drain services

Your April 4 editorial, “The takers will weigh down the makers” was spot on. But many opponents would argue that new immigrants will compose the work force and provide the income to support the “takers.”

This is no longer true because as population increases, so does the money necessary to support social service. Immigrants typically come with a family and draw on social services with less input than longtime residents. For example, I paid taxes for 25 years before my first child entered school. Our population growth causes the problems your editorial discussed. Toyota’s recent closing of the East Bay NUMMI plant also reminds me we no longer are “makers.”

Richard J. McDonald, San Francisco

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